Thursday, June 5, 2014

Creativity Strength

The creativity strength is like a spinning wheel, you need to figure out how to boost it up.

Creativity is clearly a competency at both individual and corporate level; the question is how to identify and build your creative strength, and how does it become the competitive differentiator and bring the financial benefit?

Creative strengths are about how a capability is developed in creating novel ideas, and this includes the human in the loop, but it also includes what methods are required. Capabilities are developed by a cause and effect view or fishbone. The four major parts of the fishbone include human, his/her methods; tools and resources (such as information transfer). Human's adaptation has something to do with survival instincts and strengths. In today's world, adaptation seems slightly tricky, and being a little more creative than others gives individuals a certain edge to succeed. It is "the art of being alive."

Every one of us has creative strengths. Creative strength comes close to "staying power" or stamina. Some have strength in 'thinking' - generating ideas and options, reframing issues or queries in the pursuit of novelty. People who 'think' differently can help complement different viewpoints, the ability to bend and try to understand other people's perspective--without losing self, produce a wide range of options, and manage better solutions. Other people excel at 'seeing,' or observing - spotting interesting challenges and opportunities, trend surfing or noticing the significant details that others do not. People who 'see' can help to identify how, when and why you need to be creative. Some other people are great at 'acting' - they take thoughts and notions and figure out a plan, consider the logistics and make ideas a reality. People who 'do' help build a bridge between the concept and the concrete.

Creativity in the "corporate" world has a lot to do with a fostering environment. If one is in an environment where he or she is allowed to make mistakes and learn from them; then it’s great for both, the individual and the company and the creative strength is built at the corporate level. The benefit is mutual. But, if the environment is all about "you have to cover your back/mistakes", then all the creativity in the world goes out of the window. The generalist who has experience in many areas can relate the various areas together. It is like looking at a massive network from afar so you see all the connections. If you were too close to the network, you would only see one of two node connections. Seeing the nodes; relationship consequences – coherent thinking; and implementers (doers) – taking the concept to a plan of action. This is why finding all ingredients both at the individual level and business levels are very important if you are looking for the financial benefits of creativity.

Confidence allows creativity expansion to full potentials. Self-education becomes the strength to move in any possible direction. Finding happiness enriches a creative spirit. Allowing self-expressive freedom creates boundless strength.


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