Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Creativity vs. Intuition: Does Creativity Stem from Intuition

There is a link between the two, creativity and intuition.

Creativity is an innate process to create novel ideas. Creativity is in all functions (thinking, sensing) and works best if all functions are allowed to do their job. According to Wikipedia, intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason. The word intuition comes from Latin verb intueri which is usually translated as to look inside or to contemplate. Intuition is thus often conceived as a kind of inner perception sometimes regarded as lucidity or understanding.

Four psychological functions: Science starts from sensing in combination with emotion and then intuition in combination with thinking tries out new solutions. In terms of the four psychological functions; thinking, feeling (which stand for judgment), sensation, and intuition (which stand for perception), the numerous combinations of these certainly facilitate many kinds of creative problem-solving!

Intuition vs. sensation: Intuition is the perception of inside images etc. and sensation is the perception of outside images etc. Further, intuition you cannot control and sensation you can control. Intuition is more yin and sensation more yang. Intuition is more receptive, global, holistic and sensation is more active, focal, serial. Jung's definition of intuition is a reference to intuition as one of the functions of the psyche related to Ego-personality. He distinguished also between passive and active intuition. Intuition is a complex concept and perhaps it is impossible to make a single definition that applies to all kinds of situations in which intuition is involved.

There is a link between the two, creativity and intuition. Intuition involved in the development of a scientific theory is abstract and often working together with 'thinking,' Intuition or being intuitive is when you have a gut feeling about something. It is when there isn’t an exact answer to the puzzle because you don’t have all the pieces. Chaos needs to be navigated by intuition, but the Master Creator knows how to put things together; solutions continue to beget new problems and if you think you stop looking for improvement once you have found a solution; then you will have a short life in the marketplace. So, having this creative environment will be necessary for “adaptive actions.

Searching for a new equilibrium or harmony is very important in creativity. Equilibrium is the key, it works both ways; it creates forces to keep or maintain equilibrium (perceived steady state) and it also has tipping points to form new equilibriums (transforming to new steady states). The problem is how you look at it. Steady state is always a temporary situation because complexity has many moving parts. The reason that gravity was such a great discovery is that it allows for equilibrium to maintain structure within the universe. The mind strives to the new whole and is becoming a whole as a person. And this is an ongoing process. What is whole today must be further developed tomorrow by other creative people. When this process stops.

Thinking outside the box” is about being creative with gut-feeling. Intuition is also called gut-feeling; because it seems to have got to do something with the gut. In many of the ancient religions, there is such concept of the fourth brain. It says that the brain not only sits in the head, but there is one part at the solar plexus. That's where intuitions come. Our conscious ego is a small part of the human psyche. Most of the psyche consists of the collective unconsciousness and it is from which that creativity stems. What is "thinking outside the box"? It's being creative because it's getting outside the ruts of our normal consciousness and seeing that "other way." This is the role of the unconscious -- compensation for the prevailing conscious attitude.

There’s critical link between creativity and intuition. Maybe creativity is more a process like flow. It starts somewhere, it is thought over, it is brought into relation and it is worked out; a process with a seemingly beginning and end. Creativity plays its part in all the steps.  


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