Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tuning a Digital Value-added Mindset

A value added mindset with contradictory coherence can well orchestrate the key success factors to achieve such  strategic advantage.

Corporate value is a multi-dimensional concept, there’re utility value, efficiency value, financial value, customer value, employee value or social value. From management perspective, the lists of values from which individuals, teams, organizations and even countries might choose should be broadly accepted with common core, but with all the contradictions therein. In order to enhance digital leadership influence, how to tune such a digital value-added mindset with contradictory coherence?

Critical thinking: To question everything, examine evidence and form independent opinions. Only by encouraging independent thought in its next generation can a society grow. Otherwise, children are doomed to blindly repeat the mistakes of their parents. This promotes open innovation. Such thinking process shapes the character of a great leader who is both critical and creative, independent and collaborative.

Empathy: To always strive to understand the other person's point of view, influences, motivators, etc., even when you passionately disagree with them. This promotes civility. 
 It conveys RESPECT which is crucial to bind peer-to-peer relationship and connect the mind and touch the heart; treating everybody with respect and dignity as their top value. A company's core value should be attracting people with their own unique core values. Whether stated or not, it starts with a mindset of, "What information do I (we) need to improve?", in essence, it's a growth mind.

Cause-effect thinking: It's not just a subject matter mastery. That's developing a habit of thinking "what’s the cause, what’s the issues, dig through the root cause by asking "Five Whys;" what impact will my actions have on me, business or society?" Why are people thinking and acting in a specific way and is there a root cause of that action?" 

Global thinking: Is that possible as a way to create global influence, not narrow values, Global cognition, not narrowly understanding and recognition? It is about such a mindset to see the world with its full colors via multi-dimensional lens; to understand and solve problems through multi-disciplinary approaches; and to manage multi-folded complexity through multi-faceted practices.

Inclusive thinking: People are unique individuals and organizations which respect that get the most out of their staff. Secondly, there is strength (and innovation) in diversity - the last thing organizations need today is a mono-culture. That diversity of thinking and skills is a key feature of organizational success, then corporate and personal values need not be the same. What does matter, however, is how individuals adapt and align their behavior to meet the needs of the corporate values. Hence, a value added, inclusive mindset encourages thinking differently and enjoys cognition difference. There is a substantial overlap between the core values of the organization and those of the individuals who work within it, it is important to celebrate the diversity of individual values and talents around that common core. If there are no values "glue" to keep everyone motivated by the collective endeavor, then you're sunk; but if everyone is thinking and behaving in the same way through the same value set then that same stickiness will kill the organization’s energy, innovation and impact and it will ultimately fail.

Purpose, values and principles are part of (corporate) ideology/philosophy that shapes a unique culture. Purpose is the reason for existence. Values shape top leadership behavioral integrity which shapes employees attitude, behavior and motivation. Principles articulate unique approach to conducting work every day. A value added mindset can well orchestrate these key success factors to achieve such  strategic coherence.


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