Friday, October 24, 2014

#1300th Blog: Is Pen still Mightier than the Sword in the Digital Era?

Pen is mightier to advocate creative communication and enforce digital leadership authenticity
We may still remember that classic debate: Is Pen mightier than the Sword? What’s your pen standing for? Is it flowing with the positivity or passing on the wisdom?

 Digitalization opens the new page for communication, collaboration, and cocreation, it can surely add the new content and context to the bold ink, to advocate creative communication and enforce digital leadership authenticity. 

The pen advocates creative communication: Pen represents the flow of mind, the sprout of creativity, the color of character and the fountain of wisdom. The influence of pen by propagating thoughts and ideas cannot be belittled. We are practically using pen everyday at every moment. All that flows from the pen is impacting on our day to day existence to make positive influence as well as the future events we intend to shape and gain insight of.

The pen influences the behavior of the mind. For truly changing the world, the more challenging task is to change within us, and that's not that easy neither with the pen, nor with the sword, but the pen can be really fluent and peaceful to spread the ideas and convey the passion for the digital transformation. The pen representing the ideas and their dissemination is the best tool for helping human evolution and growth in consciousness and harmony. As an agent of change, the pen wins hands down, because for people to accept new things, new ideas need to become embedded into their lives – the pen is just doing great to communicate in the digital way.

The pen uses bold ink to spread wisdoms: Scientists make the world a more advanced place to live in, artists make it aesthetic, philosophers weave the threads to take the world beyond stagnation and poverty of ideas and writers connects the letter dots to convey the insight beyond the sophistication of languages. Pen = Intellectual Cognizance; Sword = Brute Force. The pen is mightier than the sword' because to think otherwise would be to accept that the human race is not becoming more civilized with time and that really is a thought worth worrying about!

The pen provokes thought leadership: Pen is the key to provoke the 'thought process', sword to provoke the instincts - 'fight or flight'. your pen can fly as a cloud and flow as a river; your pen can flash as light and grow to a tree; Pen that has provoked, the thought process takes time for convergence of minds, while, with the sword the issue is decided immediately, but not permanently. The pen can spread the wisdom to win heart and mind; the sword can cause the fear and hatred, the broken heart and the lost mind & spirit.  

The pen conveys collective insight: Group think is proven to be very powerful. If we as the human race put positive energy into the Universe and stop putting out negative group think, we will cause major shifts in the reality of this planet. It is all about the vibrations and frequencies within us and that which we project into the world. When we remove negative beliefs and fears from ourselves we become lighter beings with abilities to see beyond the chaos created by negative cultural traits. The pen is a transformer from negative to positive; from instinct to intellect; and from brute force to cognizance.

The pen pursues inclusiveness: The pen reflects the profundity of the master mind behind it. We, the people, all innately desire "happiness". To achieve happiness, one needs to have equal opportunity to follow the dream, to understand and be understood, the pen is mightier to dig through the world, to discover the soul, and to bridge the gaps between the speed of digital and the static mindset of mankind. Pen was and will always be stronger than the sword ! Even in places or times where the sword seems to be winning - the pen was always behind it masterminding all. 

 The pen, the word, is mightier now than ever in the history of mankind. The global dissemination of information flow, the ability to communicate virtually via internet, the exponentially increasing net citizens, provides the pen the unlimited space to flow forward. The pen is mightier to provoke creative communication and advocate the positive and intellectual digital leadership authenticity.


I love the blog. Great post. It is very true, people must learn how to learn before they can learn. lol i know it sounds funny but its very true. . .
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