Monday, June 8, 2015

From Perception to Personality

Personality is shaped by genes, perceptions, experiences, and practices.

Our perceptions (the way we think and how we express the thought) and our personalities (the character and attitudes, actions and reactions, etc) come from our exposure to the many variables and combinations of variables in a given environment. Is our perception based on the cognition, or the way of our thinking creates unique personalities?

Thinking is the seed that molds and makes one's life. So, is it true that our thoughts shape our personalities and visa versa? As a matter of fact, the way we think has much of an effect and impact on how we turn out in our life (though many other things do as well). Some examples might be, who we surround ourselves with, how hard we try to do certain things, whether or not we're repetitive (pending on what the repetition is), choosing left instead of right (or vice versa), the communication styles, the career preferences, or the hobbies and entertainment choice, etc. To put simply, we are what we think of...

Thoughts are formed, personalities are shaped, and aspects are delivered by variables: The thoughts are communicated from one person to another– be it adult to child, adult to adult, or etc.–; giving rise to a personality. Psychologically, creative, metaphorical and poetic impulses and language congeal over time into systems of thought that take on a quality of being permanently true through being institutionalized, systematized and professionalized. Language forms, though, are provisional and typologies dealing with things as elusive and culturally borne as 'human nature' or the 'mind' need.

Perception is based on the profundity of the thoughts, and personality comes from one’s conviction and value: Perception is based on one’s thought processes which are influenced by one’s thinking style, cognitive understanding, and knowledge level. Personality comes from one's convictions and value systems not only preferred but also personally practiced. Given these parameters, personality can change over a period of time depending on the consistency of practice. This is manifest in something called a trait, which is the individual characteristics that we can identify; it is the manifestation of the individual in the form of multifaceted aspects: There are thinking aspect, emotional aspect,  attitudinal aspect, and behavioral aspect. This is a gross simplification meant to explain the concept from the psychological perspective; in reality, this is one of the most researched aspects of psychology. Personality is not about the overt, strictly speaking. When we say personality we are talking about mindsets/ traits/emotions/attitudes/behavior. The overt is, in reality, a mere manifestation of this covert aspect: everything from posture to clothes is determined by the internal personality. Personality is shaped both by genes, by perceptions and experience...

Perception shows how deeply one can understand an issue or a phenomenon, the mental strength; and our thought does shape our personality, there is one aspect due to physical or appearance, but at actual, we will know on personality only through the action and reactions, attitude and character.


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