Saturday, June 20, 2015

Three Perceptions about Digital Leadership

Leadership is about FUTURE! 

The pace of change has increased and sometimes it can be linked to the fierce competitions and broader-based collaboration, or the constant development of technology, but the later is only a tool to be used. Given that the corners of the earth can be reached more quickly, the mountains, the seas, the desert and any physical obstacles can not isolate us now, communication happens faster, allowing the interaction between differing cultures and experiences, maybe this is what fuels change to break down the WALL in people's minds and cure the scars at people's heart. So how has your perception of leadership changed, and what are the traits of digital leadership?

Digital leadership is about empathy: Leaders that truly understand change and know how to lead people transition through complex digital transformations is critical! With the increasing level of uncertainty and complexity, the expectation is for a "leader" to listen, have empathy and involve the team to make decisions and ensuring the personal development of all, so they maximize their potential. And, the continuity of change that we've seen develop has reduced the whole concept of steady state to something meaningless. We need to find agile ways to make leadership, management, and some emerging disciplines that combine strategy management, change management, and portfolio management into an integral management approach and next practice.

Digital leadership is about influence: Digital leadership is more about influencing, rather about exercising power over others. Both leadership and change have altered and will continue to do so, as the influences, we come under vary. Leadership is once aligned with and often still is sought for the leader to have power. It seems that more people today are willing to be leaders for the ability to influence rather than control others. As for change, every generation "redefines" the norms; our planet has had many generations! Leadership is not about exercising power over others, but inspiring them to become leaders and to reach self-efficacy; to continually strive for what serves the most people in the most positive way.

Digital leadership is about balance: Digital leadership is about the balance of "Yin and Yang," to avoid the pitfall of “extreme thinking” or group thinking. If an executive leader has the right amount of humility, he or she will embrace the diversity of thoughts and pursue the ‘outliners’ viewpoint, and strike the right balance in order to make effective decisions. Digital accelerates the information flow and knowledge flow. Many leaders who have been with the same organization for decades, lack of “out of box” thinking, from outside the company or industry, which can improve creativity. People get trapped in "That's the way we've always done it mentality" and that slows progress.

Leadership is both nature and nurtured. By the time the leadership profile used to change, it must be a great mix between an active thinking mind with multidimensional intelligence, having a strong capacity to make the people accept and adopt the change. High creativity and intelligence make leadership more inspirational, profound and progressive to create an environment of trust and accountability in driving radical digital transformation.


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