Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Running an Innovative IT with Creative Mechanism

 Innovation is how to transform novel ideas to achieve its business value.

IT Management is a strange animal, in that the capabilities are there, the data is there - but the motivations are often confused. Technology drives changes nowadays, but IT is often considered the function slower to change with “controlling mentality.” IT tends to measure itself against trivial things IT considers important but are often less important and impactful in the business lens. IT shouldn't be just a background function to keep the light on, IT needs to be the business catalyzer to accelerate digital transformation. But more specifically, how to deal with the management dilemmas in running an innovative IT with creative mechanisms and improve the overall organizational capabilities?

Running an Innovative IT with Creative Mechanism

  • How to Run an Innovative IT?  Modern IT continues to move up its maturity from a reactive helpdesk, back-office function into a proactive business partner and innovation engine. What are the tips and stories to create a culture of innovation? What are the innovation implications when IT leverages the Cloud model? How shall IT assess their partners for delivering innovative business solutions, should the business pay IT for being innovative thereby enabling business proactively?

  • Innovation Gaps: There are many forms of innovation - technology, application, product, design, business model, process, communication, culture, or customer experience, etc; there’re also many ‘flavors’ of innovations, systematic innovation, customer-centric innovation, open innovation, design-driven innovation, or management innovation., etc, but fundamentally, what are the innovation gaps, the gap differentiation helps to delineate the problems and opportunities for innovation, and through identifying such gaps, business can manage innovation portfolio more effectively.

  • Management Innovation: Innovation is the light every organization is pursuing, however, from industry study, most companies renovate instead of innovating; what're the underlining problems? Does that mean management innovation is perhaps the new angle to see through innovation management, as management innovation changes the way managers do what they do to improve organizational performance, where innovation is one of many management practices, but the critical one.

  • Innovation Ecosystem Innovation is changing to tackle the complexities of business dynamic, but within itself, it needs to change as well. There is a paradigm shift that is taking place in generating innovation and building a scalable innovation environment or an innovation ecosystem.

  • How to Manage Innovation Complexity: Innovation is how to transform novel ideas to achieve its business value, due to the hyper-complexity of modern business, innovation is essentially about reducing unnecessary business complexity. But from a management perspective, how to manage innovation complexity, though?

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