Sunday, July 3, 2016

Holiday Celebration and "Leadership Master" Book Tuning II: In search of Creative Leadership Paradigm

The Independent Day is not just the day for firework, but the time to start independent thinking and it’s the time to reflect, grow, and innovate with continuous delivery.

It is another Independence Day around the corner, it’s the day to re-imagine the digital paradigm shift, the time to practice independent thinking and contemplate the spirit of America - Freedom, Equality, and Pursuit of Happiness, and the moment to refine digital leadership - Are we on the journey in search of creative leadership to spark the next chapter of innovation blossom, to discover the better way to solve the old problems, as well as overcome emergent challenges?

In search of cross-box reach and digital vision: Creative leadership is the ability to inspire, create, and to maintain the social and psychological conditions and the environment in which everyone is able to reach his or her highest potential. Creative leaders are futuristic and forward-thinking. The great digital leaders are outliers, visionaries are often outliers who can step out of conventional thinking boxes or linear patterns; who dare to ask deep WHY to diagnose the root causes of problems, as well as an optimistic “WHY NOT” to try new things and take an adventure. That is the spirit of independence. Because the “box” is a mental construct made up of personal and environmental components that one operate within, it’s a group of people’s comfort zone, that things are OK and everyone agrees and have the same or similar thoughts, the way they always do things like this mentality. Because Digital breaks down many little boxes, such as rigid hierarchy and inflexible business pyramid. The creative leaders do not work within the box, but across the boxes, broaden the perspectives. Therefore, they could perceive things underneath the surface, cross silos, and make profound insight beyond conventional wisdom. Outlier leaders with cross-box thinking abilities are creatively disruptive, and connect wider dots to spur creativity. They not only think differently but also do things in an alternative and optimum way.

In search of balance and harmony: Creative leaders are resourceful, and creative leadership is essentially anchored on the leader’s multidimensional thinking ability to strike the right balance and the overall multifaceted resourcefulness, with distinctive competencies to formulate creative alternatives or solutions to resolve problems, to show versatility and agility in response to unpredictable or unanticipated circumstances. Digital is the age of people and innovation. Compared to the previous eras, to improve leadership effectiveness, it’s about harmony, to achieve harmony, it’s about balance. To balance well, it’s all about being creative, thinking cross-boxes, and to overcome extreme thinking and silo mentality. The digital leaders with a balanced mind can bring agility, creativity, and flexibility across the full spectrum of digital dynamic and innovation paradox. It can also bring an in-depth understanding of whole-system elaboration and enforce across-the-spectrum of interdisciplinary practices. Creative leadership is an emergent digital leadership trend in following independence principles and accelerating digital transformation.

In search of authenticity and uniqueness: Creative leadership is the unique combination of leadership mind and behaviors that develops and achieves high quality and meaningful results over a sustained period of time. Creative leaders are authentic and thus, unique. They are not made via the cookie-cutting approach but developed via their own unique experience, introspection, and practices. In order to lead toward the right direction effectively, you have to continuously ask yourself and others: Why do you want to lead? What is your leadership strength? And how to lead digital transformation with agility? Being a leader takes one to have a desire to do better than others in certain domains while creating themselves a platform of influence wherever they are. Because leadership is the ability to change, and the speed of change is significantly increasing in the Digital Age. The authentic leaders are unique and bridge, not only one, but multiple gaps, because the intention of becoming a leader is to inspire and innovate, to improve and advance, to orchestrate and encourage, as change is often uncomfortable, yet necessary part of reaching the future and sustain success. The creative digital leaders are more transformation-driven change agents with the philosophy behind the “Independent Day” celebration.

The Independent Day is not just the day for firework, but the time to review the progress of American history, envision the future of hyper-connected digital society. The spirit comes from the top, it’s the time to inspire creative digital leadership with the following “dispositions” - Visionary, adaptable, persevering, competent, ethical, courageous, curious. And it’s the time to reflect, grow, and innovate with continuous delivery.


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