Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Three “Self-Made” Steps in Unleashing Talent Potential

Hire and cultivate those self-driven talented people, because, often, they are authentic, not only drive themselves to unleash potential but also push harder to advance society.

Digital is the age of people, how to tap individuals’ potential and amplify the collective human potential is one of the most meaningful and rewarding areas to catalyze businesses’ growth and advance human society with full speed. Potential is the ability to do something for the future performance, not past performance. Unfortunately most organizations today have short term view for both business management and talent management, resist changes and reward mediocre. What are the real odds of companies that actually put in the time to develop their human capital so employees would achieve their full potential, and ultimately organizations can grow into a Digital Master? And which steps the digital workforce today should take to unleash their full potential? 

Self-awareness- Discover your strength or “raw intelligence” - the source of potential: Potential is the strength, ability, and interest to take on more responsibilities in the future which is displayed by their thought leadership or exemplified behavior. It is to do with one’s reputation so it is qualitative. Potential can be unleashed via discovering the innate strength and setting disciplines to shape cohesive skills and capabilities. The strength is not equal to linear skills, it's the good combination of character, mindset, talent, knowledge and expertise. From talent management perspective, are you on the way to recognize the best of the best? How well does the individual continue to perform and grow in their current roles, how likely are they to take on new challenges at work, rapidly learn and grow into next-level roles, or roles that are expanded and redefined as business changes? Individuals showing potential are distinguished usually by their mastery of new roles quickly and effectively, learning more rapidly than their peers, more innovative, taking initiative proactively, and presenting emotional maturity in dealing with “VUCA” new normals.

Self-motivation: At an individual level, self-awareness mind provides clarity, versatility, self-motivation and self-improvement helps you set disciplines and directional opportunities for personal growth, helps you build on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses. It also allows you to leverage that knowledge to increase the influential outreach via self-actualization. At the business level, the fair reason for hiring self-motivated people is to cultivate the culture of creativity, experiment "self-management" digital philosophy and improve organizational maturity. Because often self-motivated people can work independently with minimal interference and guidance so that they think strategically new ways and means precisely "out of the box" techniques to enhance growth for themselves as individuals and for the company per se. It’s important to build a positive and creative working environment in which the talented employees can grow and innovate, unleash their own potential and the business potential and achieve the organizational prosperity for the long term. Self-driven and motivation is an important leadership trait to present authenticity.

Self-development: When an individual has the self-awareness ability to know “Who are you,” self-motivation -the right attitude to learn and grow. And self-development is the full cycle of self-actualization. It takes both attitude and aptitude. It involves with strategic thinking, planning, risk taking, discipline, creativity, etc. And it includes a personal action navigated by habit and the changeability to moving out of a comfort zone leads to the creation of a new comfort zone which in turn will require you to move out "of" it again. This continuous moving "out" of your comfort zone is complemented by the cycle of self-development. It is also important to have superior time management and prioritization skills, do things matter for you, with ignorance of trivial details (Altitude). Concentrate your energy on building your cohesive capabilities, not just putting eyes on your competitors (as often negative emotions will further drive unprofessional competitions and unhealthy cultures.) Self-development is the journey to improve your digital professionalism, unleash potential and refine the high quality of being a better version of YOU.”

From talent management perspective, identify the right people both via their minds and their acts; their performance and their potential. Helping others recognize the power of self-realization from their vantage point, and invest your people to gain long term ROI -via unleashing their collective potentials, and achieve business maturity.


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