Sunday, November 19, 2023

Botanical Garden in Singapore

Singapore is a modern global city mixing with contemporary skyscrapers and green plants, well-designed architectures and ocean harbor views.

n mid-October, I had a chance to visit the international garden city- Singapore, surrounded by diversified and dynamic people in this metropolitan city, I felt global and delightful. The blossom of flowers and shadow of trees cool down the still hot weather here. I Immerse myself in the nature of green, the warm-heartedness of global strangers, the charm of international metropolises. I live like a local resident, use the subway system, take trains/buses, visit different streets, make inquiries to the local people to solve my handy problems.

Singaporeans are great English speakers, they try to help out, their colorful buses walk through the city, just like passing through a big garden, with all sorts of color themes. One of the impressive scenes there is the botanical garden – open, fresh, colorful and diversified, full of energy, mixing oriental charm with tropical theme. It is symbolic of this modern city.

The garden is dynamic and diversified, like the condensed version of the garden city: Botanical garden of Singapore is only a few steps away from public transportation. When I walk into the garden in the morning, the Sun comes up to wake up the city, people – all over the age, gender, and races are here to do different activities. Jogging, dancing, walking, doing yoga, playing instruments, painting, etc. The plants watch us curiously; the ec- lake surrounding the park flows quietly. It's full of energy, awakening the people and city inspirationally. Multicultural people immerse themselves into nature, enjoy the free space, smell the fresh air, and welcome another day that is coming freshly.

Multilayer of plants with Autumn color theme: It is the fall season, but Singapore is still warm, even hot in the noon time. The garden is very spacious, still full of color. Flowers are still blooming, with mixed red, green, blue, yellow themes, very much matching the color stripes of many Singapore’s buildings. All sorts of plants grow openly, the birds fly over freely, orchestrating a very healthy ecosystem. Tropical plants have huge green leaves, cover the sunshine, cool down the surroundings; smaller shrubs grow elegantly, shape different paths, craft great designs, often decorating with colorful fruits or flowers, generating unique sceneries.

Gardens inside gardens- Ginger Garden, Orchid Garden, Ethnobotany Garden, Children’s Garden, Gallop Extension, Music Concert Platform, etc.
The botanical garden is both broad and deep, to make me wander around for hours long, get lost here and there. I check the history of this garden, unbelievably, it has more than one and half century history “Founded in 1859, the Singapore Botanic Gardens showcases the best and most spectacular of tropical flora set in stunning verdant landscape.” ( Going to the Ginger garden – the garden inside the garden, the different plants and introductions construct the special scenes, it is very educational. As a tourist who likes this modern city, if I have to give some feedback, the tickets of orchid garden for tourists are much more expensive than for local residents, should they become more tourist-friendly?

Overall speaking, Singapore is a modern global city mixing with contemporary skyscrapers and green plants, well-designed architectures and ocean harbor views. Either walking through their science parks or driving through their commonwealth residential streets, everywhere is clean, calm, people are diversified and dynamic, they are not extremely hurry up, for me, they are helpful global strangers; they enjoy their city, live the modern life and they are qualified global citizens.


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