Sunday, November 19, 2023

Hong Kong-Pacific Harbor View

Hong Kong is a city that embraces the Pacific Ocean, mixing the east and west style fluently, and welcomes guests from all over the world with her open arms and unique charms.

On August 7, I flew from San Francisco on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean to Hong Kong on the east coast of the Pacific Ocean. Hong Kong is an international metropolitan city that combines the old and the new, with the Eastern charm and the Western manner, integrating business commerce and tourism seamlessly.

The plane arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport at nearly five o'clock in the morning on 8/9. The airport was brightly lit and operated orderly. Hong Kong was already waking up, greeting their global guests amazingly. The lady at the customer service information center was kind and professional. She introduced me in detail about the subway route from the airport to the city center hotel, making me feel at home. Looking at the Pacific Harbor from the Hong Kong Airport Express, the ocean waves are curling up and the city looks beautiful.

Capture the view of the Pacific Ocean at the top of the Victoria Peak, take the night view of Hong Kong Island: Hong Kong is full of wonderful scenes; it is a unique city embracing the Pacific Ocean intimately. it was almost dusk; I took a transport bus from Central to the Peak. As night falls, the mountains and sea blurred with the same color. The sea underneath was shining with night light lit on the skyscraper buildings across the city. The voices & noises broke the silence on the top of the mountain, and the night view of Hong Kong with the Pacific Ocean is truly one of the most beautiful scenes in the world.

Enjoy the ocean harbor views by looking through the window of the hotel in the ocean resort: On the third day, at 7 o'clock in the morning, I walked from the hotel and arrived at the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal. It was a quiet harbor with locals doing morning exercises. The morning breeze in Hong Kong was gentle and peaceful, allowing me to interact with nature smoothly, watch the Pacific Ocean closely.

Today, I need to transfer the hotel from downtown to the suburbs. Every inch of Hong Kong's urban area is like gold, but the expanding Hong Kong is still full of potential. From the urban area to Tsuen Wan, I truly enjoy the ocean view, take a quiet moment, and appreciate nature. When I arrived at the hotel on the harbor, my eyes lit up, as the view of the Pacific Ocean was right outside the window. The living room and bedroom are bright and spacious, the ocean view is gorgeous. The skyscrapers in the distance, the waves, ups & downs in the nearby sea, the misty wind and moist rain, and the quiet hotel with ocean view make Hong Kong more charming and peaceful.

Stand in the Sky Mall connected to the main street, have a panoramic view of the harbor and sea:
When the weekend comes, I took the subway back to the city center, walk cross the famous buildings in Central several times, visit the Hong Kong Park and the Botanical Garden, with curving paths, lush vegetation, birds chirping, butterflies dancing, cranes flying, fountains singing, and the flowers blossom. I stepped into the bird aviary inside the Kowloon Park and watched a big yellow and blue bird climbing up along the railing, yearning for freedom. Exiting the city parks, going back to the street, with numerous restaurants and shops, the tourists can feel Hong Kong's hospitality, diverse culture, and business prosperity.

Walk across Tsim Sha Tsui, Star Ferry Pier, view the Pacific Ocean on a raining day, visit an art museum nearby: On another raining day, I arrived at the Star Ferry Pier, looking far and up close at Hong Kong. The skyscrapers are soared into the sky, and the waves in the Pacific Ocean rolled up and down dynamically. Tourists marveled at the beautiful scenery. After enjoying the natural view, walking through the Hong Kong art museum, and appreciating artistic works there, I’ve had a fulfilling day in this metropolitan global city.

It's time to say goodbye and have an excuse to come back again. I have been in Hong Kong for a week, and felt relaxed and happy there. People are friendly, and the scenery is beautiful. Hong Kong is a city that embraces the Pacific Ocean, mixing the east and west style fluently, and welcomes guests from all over the world with her open arms and unique charms.


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