Sunday, November 19, 2023

Visit Berlin with Classic Architecture and Great Botanic Garden

 On the Journey of visiting Frankfurt and Berlin, I can see and feel the modern world shaped by the European Industrial Revolution more than two centuries ago

took a high speed train from Frankfurt to Berlin in late October. The train is modern and high speed, very relaxing, it only took three and half hours to arrive in Berlin. In the early morning, Berlin starts waking up, you can take the subway to get to the downtown or small towns.

My hotel is located in the Berlin suburb. I took the local train, asked around, and arrived at the nice hotel in a quiet area. The staff are friendly and allow me to store the luggage there, so I could start discovering this new city starting in the early morning. I bought the daily Berlin transportation tickets, jumped on the trains or buses, lived like the locals, and walked around the city.

The Square Berlin: After walking across the Berlin wall memorial, I came to the famous square Berlin. German Cathedral, Concert Hall, and French Cathedral buildings, etc, stand on the square Berlin. On the dark rainy days of the deep autumn season, the square Berlin is still full of visitors, they listen to the tour guide’s introduction, sip coffee in the nearby shops, or walk around the square and take photos. Berlin as the capital city of Germany, has enriched culture, complex history and quintessential human knowledge

Bellevue Palace: Then I went to the Bellevue Palace on the banks of the Spree in Berlin-Tiergarten, which is the official residence of the Federal President of Germany. the large white building standing up there, with flags waving on the rooftop, and spacious grass garden sitting in front of it. According to the German’s official website: The President's offices are located in the new building, the Bundespr√§sidialamt (Office of the Federal President), south of the Palace, a contrasting glass and black granite edifice.

Taking buses, walking around downtown Berlin, we can see this is a contemporary city; surrounding by architecture plazas, mixing the classic theme with modern flavors. There are numerous brand name shops, museums, and restaurants downtown. People here are friendly and multilingual. Berlin’s desserts and bakeries are delicious, their creamy sweet treats plus coffee make the city warm on cold chilly days.

Botanic garden & museum: On the second day, I took the train, going to visit the Botanic garden & museum in Berlin. It’s huge, colorful and educational, I almost got lost over there because there are many different paths crossing different directions, there are some constructions going on, and very few visitors on that weekday. Even in the fall season, the plants are still very strong and blossom, such multi-layer, multi-color themes perfectly fit for European postcard sceneries. Well-designed sculptures decorate the garden; the birds fly over and sing freely. The botanic museum is also very impressive, immersing ourselves into all sorts of greens, emerging into the natural world, refreshing ourselves from the fast-paced busy world outside. That is a great experience in this beautiful garden.

The hotel I live in the nearby suburb is modern, there is automatic check in at the front gate, little robots cleaning up the floors at deep night, thanks to the advanced technologies. The environment is quiet and friendly, also not so far away from a large shopping mall which is directly connected to the subway station.

On the Journey of visiting Frankfurt and Berlin, I can see and feel the modern world shaped by the European Industrial Revolution more than two centuries ago- the scientific and technological development in the 18th century that transformed the agrarian societies into industrialized, urban ones. Nowadays, we are having the digital transformation taking us across the world. There are more cities I will visit later, and it’s the time to say goodbye to Berlin.


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