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Information vs. Intelligence: Is Intelligence Jewel on the Information Crown

Information answers the questions. Intelligence questions the answers.

Information is air at digital era, however, information is only the means, the prerequisite for intelligence, only through action-based intelligence, one can solve problems, to turn the world a better place.

1.What are I&I: Information vs. Intelligence

According to Dictionary .com:

(1) Information: Information is defined as: knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact or circumstance; news or knowledge gained through study, communication, research, instruction, etc.; factual data. The act or fact of informing.

2) Intelligence: Intelligence is defined as capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity; aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc.or manifestation of a high mental capacity. The faculty of understanding.

2. Information vs. Intelligence

Information answers the questions. Intelligence questions the answers.

Information is processed data. Intelligence is processed information.

Information is a pre-requisite for intelligence, but in order for you to recognize the information, you need intelligence.

Information is what we know and intelligence is what we do with what we know. Intelligence is actionable information.

Information is a passive perceptual entity and intelligence is an active cognitive entity.

Information is just information without intelligence -or the right intelligence. Success depends upon both.

Intelligence is real-time wisdom or Wisdom is ultimate intelligence.

3. Intelligence is Jewel on Information Crown of Businesses

In the context of a business or organization, information is representation of organizational objects (including human beings) and processes. Intelligence is the understanding of the relationships between these objects, processes & patterns and derivation of associated value for the good of the organization.

Information is the grist for strategy: But it is intelligence that defines the strategy. With the introduction of information and application of intelligence, strategy MAY be developed - no action or reaction being the alternative.

Intelligence is contextual understanding: Intelligence is to understand semantics associated with universal/worldly objects & recognition of patterns in the universe and deriving value out of universal objects. Human cognition understands processes but even processes need to be represented as objects for perception. So intelligence is your perceptual and cognitive ability to understand the objects and relationships (processes) of entities of the world and recognize the patterns in them. 

Intelligence is to utilize cognitive ability: Utilizing cognitive abilities to derive value for the betterment of human kind is intelligence, genius and wisdom. In practical application, information is all that is used to create the intelligence that shapes strategy; as well as to test the results of strategy execution. Further, it is the aggregation of information and the assessment of that information that creates the intelligence required to define the rules that drive the business; sometimes not so easy to do. 

Information" is usually understood to be essentially "model-free"--just data: "Intelligence" implies the ability to make inferences (predictions) from the information based on a model. Btw, "learning" would go a step further, and implies actually adapting the model itself over time.
Information is actionable but in order to take it to the next level; Intelligence is nothing but the ability of a person to solve problems. The issue of "actionable" is more a matter of whether intelligence generates value, rather than being a fundamental characteristic of intelligence. People (or systems) can be highly intelligent, but only when the intelligence translates into action is any value creation possible. 
The quality of intelligence depends greatly on the quantity of information: if focused, the more we know, the more we can do. If not focused, we may know "everything" and still achieve nothing. Conversely, if we know "nothing" we will achieve nothing. Most of humanity's achievements, or solutions to its problems, have a mostly neutral impact. They tend to have positive and negative impacts based on value proposition.

So intelligence is your ability to solve problems. The larger/bigger the problem you solve in terms of its positive impact to the society, the more intelligent you are. And you can see how the breadth and depth of impact of such intelligence can have.


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