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 Asking questions at the start of the business probably also means that many decision are already set in stone by others.

To ask the right set of questions is to understand what BPM is good for, but then only decide to start a BPM project once you've identified a process that could be improved using Business Process Management..

  1. Why is there a perceived need for starting a BPM initiatives?

Is it compliance, customer/market driven?

  1.  Why did you only just find out about this business initiatives now?

You have to fully vet and understand the scope which includes the high level business objectives and high level requirements before you can do anything else

  1. What is the goal or the expected outcome?

The goal has to be something remarkably, "Allow users to find any information necessary to do their jobs in three clicks or less. “ 

  1. What business problem are you trying to solve?

Why do you think BPM is the key to solving your business problem ?

  1. What's a BPM initiatives about?

Many times organizations have a very bad understanding about what process management is really about. Processes are often defined too small or too big. This will lead to useless implementations
- improving a process?
- automating a process?
- make a process perform forever?
- Mapping a process in a BPM tool in the cloud?
- Manage your organization by process? 

  1. How will this initiative enhance delivery of differentiable value to customers?   
Do you have the right people that can make project successful? 

Talent, experience and determination can make a big difference to achieving success  

  1. Do you have right organizational culture to support BPM success?

Organizational culture drives process management effectiveness through the direct actions (an inactions) of leadership. Organizations with "strong" cultures approach process management differently than do those with "less involved" cultures.

  1. Do you have best practices to learn from previous process management effort?

  1. How will you define success?

 Asking questions at the start of the business probably also means that many decision are already set in stone by others (probably less experienced in BPM), making the project much more of a challenge for the person asking the questions. So asking right questions can help clarify project effectiveness and efficiency


I love articles like this. You make some great points and I don't think I could have made them any better.

Tag: PM201A52. Let me share all of you about #5 Tips for Project Management Success,, I hope you enjoy it

1. Plan your day using time management techniques

As a project manager, time management skills are essential because you are dealing with a wide range of tasks that demand a quick turnaround time. Planning your day will go a long way in keeping you organized and increasing your productivity. Assist your task planning by using project management software which helps you track the work of you and your team.

If you are not very tech savvy, a simple to-do list can also be a great organizational tool. Prioritize your most important tasks by putting them at the top of the list and less important ones at the bottom. Having a visual plan of your daily tasks helps to keep you on track and aware of time.

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2. Include stakeholders in important project conversations

While you will have plenty of responsibilities regarding the project, don’t neglect your clients.

Good communication is essential is keeping both parties informed of project progression, curtailing scope creep, and apprised of changing requirements. Some clients may have different expectations when it comes to communication, so make sure to establish the frequency and type of communication (like emails, phone calls, and face-to-face conversations) at the beginning of your project.

Establishing communication expectations early helps alleviate stakeholder uncertainty about communication frequency and delivery.

3. Regularly communicate with your team

Daily team communication helps keep misunderstandings and unclear requirements under control. Keeping your team informed in every step of the project is essential to project management success.

For example, a study published by Procedia Technology found that good communication skills were the cornerstone of project management. The study examined over 300 “construction project managers, architects, construction managers, engineers and quantity surveyors” and their successes and failures on various construction projects.

4. Anticipate project setbacks

Even the best-laid plans often go awry.

Remember that even with a high amount of planning and attention to detail, your project may still encounter some challenges. Pay attention to complaints from stakeholders or colleagues, and other warning signs, like a missed deadline or cost overrun, that there may be a problem.

Preventing a crisis will keep your project running smoothly, save you a lot of time, and keep you, your team, and your stakeholders confident in progressing with the project.

Unfortunately not every complication can be avoided. Crisis management skills are essential for dealing with the unexpected. Project managers need to be flexible and pragmatic. Improvise and make sharp decisions when needed.

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5. Stay focused on the details

A common problem project managers encounter is having the project aims not aligned with the organization’s objectives. A great project manager will strategize a plan for the project to lead back to the overall success of the business.

Know your project’s scope by heart and avoid wandering outside of the project’s requirements. It’s too easy to get lost in minor details and forget what your focus is, so a well-planned project scope is essential for success.

And final, you should use KPI to measure effectiveness of the project, here are full list: 76 project management KPIs

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