Monday, March 18, 2013

The Future of Abundance

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.Wayne Dyer

Abundance is directly related to who we ARE: Behind the eyes, the smile, and the body. The "abundance" is about awareness, within you, is who you ARE. It cannot be rocked, directed, or manipulated by anything. Once recognized, there are no limits, and, this is abundance.

Abundance is a framework for living, a perspective and a sense of confidence: When we live from this place, we think, feel and act with more freedom and courage. One generates discovery, mindfulness, agreement, and assembly. There is an abundance of opportunities in life.

     Abundance is a mindset: Open to a world of possibilities and result in what you decide to make of it! That abundance is "the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it." Abundance stems from what we need and what we value such as resources, time, food, goodwill, altruism, creativity, engagement, peace, etc. The question is: Can you hold that feeling of abundance each day regardless of the variables of life?

 Abundance means "living in the now":  No looking back, or regrets (fruitless activity) or trying to look too far in advance. Appreciating the beauty of all you have around you right now and being grateful, taking time for silence. Being kind and always generous for a good cause.

Abundance is the ability to share with others: Anything that you value, without fearing any chance of its scarcity or depletion. It should feel like stepping in the ocean....the further you go, the deeper it should appear; Abundance is to have enough to share: resources, time, energy, ideas, creativity, awareness, vitality, etc are the things we share with others.

Abundance is the trend, the progress, and the pursuit:
      At the age of digital, "abundance" means information flow.
      At the age of globalization, "abundance" means the beauty of diversity.
      At the age of crowd-sourcing, "abundance" means the multitude of point of views.

Abundance is the opposite of a scarcity/hoarding mindset: An abundance mindset doesn't buy into the belief that if someone else gets something, there is less for me or if someone is successful, I must be less successful.

To understand abundance, you have to understand the opposite which is scarcity: Scarcity creates fear; if I don’t protect this, then I might lose something. Abundance creates connection and joy. If I share this, I will feel great. One creates war, jealousy, and disease in our bodies and the other creates compassion, connection, tranquility and love for all

Abundance is a need for tolerance (required in abundance) to deal with an impatient world around us: No matter the circumstance,  if one holds an abundance mindset, you have the peace of knowing it is enough.

 Abundance is what keeps us going with a mentality that life is good because all the goodies will be attracted to us because we are upright to attract them. Abundance is an unlimited pool of goodness that we are born with; however, sometimes we forget that it is a natural part of us. Abundance is unconditional love.

    Abundance means connection: When we approach others with a sense of abundance, working and living with that idea in mind, we're likely to be more creative, more innovative, more caring. Not to underestimate the challenge of balancing awareness of current reality with your mindset for what is possible, but the more Abundance (the paradigm) informs our behavior the better our future looks.

“7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Steven Covey, namely articulated that abundance is a paradigm that enables win-win outcomes between different people. The opposite of that, he taught, is a paradigm of limited resources, of "I win but you/somebody else loses." Though the realities in our world continually support the idea that great numbers of people always do lose in the senses of poverty and general inequality, the sense of abundance rings true for the possibilities it brings.


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