Thursday, March 7, 2013

Alphabetic Soup of Leadership Ingredients in 21st Century

Discover who you are, compete for uniqueness, that’s essential in the 21st century of leadership.

Authenticity: The Leader who is true to themselves and their team, garners the trust & respect that is needed to be successful & motivate others.

Balance the pros & cons,  the differences of viewpoints with the proven methods to lead effectively.
 5Cs:Courage/Character/Capability/Creativity:/Charisma: Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. The character is to hold trust once it has been given and to maintain hope and confidence, have the capability to lead and lead with charisma. Creative leaders understand the art of leadership /management.  "Without courage, all other virtues lose their meaning.” Winston Churchill 

  1. 3Ds:  Dynamism in thought, Discipline in action & Diversity in Team Building:  3D in all its manifestations of leadership, it ensures He/She will continually look at processes and procedures in new and innovative ways which may keep the organization in tuned and prepared for changes within their industry and/or profession. 
  1. Empathy: Without empathy, what kind of world would we be living in? Empathy makes people strong, courageous, and compassionate. Empathy helps in listening and understanding others, especially the feeling others are going through. 
  1. Flexibility: Leaders with flexible style & adaptation can embrace alternative thinking and a new way to do things. 
  1. Goal: Setting up long term and short term goal to make change meaningful & measurable.  
  1. Humility : Because good leaders realize they don't know it all and aren't necessarily the best in the room; also because to grow and develop, one needs to accept others' views and seek to change willingly.  
  1. 3Is: Integrity/Insight/Influence: Be true to a set of values and beliefs that are generally acceptable within the societal norm. An insightful leader can understand problems from multiple angles. Leadership is an influence. The good leaders make it a positive interaction. 
  1. Judgment: A sound judgment is a foundation to make any fair, objective decisions. 
  1. Knowledge: Either business intact or domain knowledge can make leadership more in touch competitive and practical. 
  1. Love: Leadership is the tough job, however, kindness/love in heart is the fountain of positive leadership. 
  1. Motivation: Motivating and nurturing the team members to grow and achieve more. 
  1. Navigation: An effective leader can navigate the strategy and lead toward the right direction. 
  1. Open Mind to learn with others and with him/herself, embrace the diversified culture. 
  1. 3Ps: Passion/Progress/Paradox: It takes passion and progressive mindset to turn the visions into reality and it takes paradoxical thinking to communicate effectively in the 21st century. 
  1. Questioning: The future of leaders lead by questioning.  Peter Drucker 
  1. Respect: Respect is a two-way street, leaders will gain respect by respecting others. 
  1. Self-Awareness…Without awareness, we can never be sure of our motives.WHY are we acting or thinking a certain way. 
  1. Trustworthiness: Leaders keep their word, transparent, and candid; exploring and decisive. 
  1. Uniqueness: The leaders in the 21st century will compete for uniqueness and practice rainbow leadership. 

  1. Value/Vision/Voice: Value-based vision to convey future with the ability to communicate it well (genuine) to create connection and confidence in the followers  
  1. Wisdom is the guide for the purpose, perception, and progress .Wisdom is multi-dimensional pursuit 
  1. X-Gen: New buzzword for X-generation leadership 
  1. Y-Gen: New buzzword for Y-generation leadership 
  1. Z-Gen: New buzzword for Z-generation leadership


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