Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Key Words to Convey Value of Strategy

"Let your plans be as dark as night and then strike like a thunderbolt". -Sun Tzu:

A real strategy is neither a document nor a forecast but rather an overall approach based on a diagnosis of a challenge. Here are the highlighted keywords to convey the value of strategy.

  • The strategy is to envision the way forward to a predetermined goal, de-risk to the maximum possible extent while contending with unforeseen circumstances that may arise; it makes Strategy Planning important for every organization, whether large or small. 
  • Strategic Planning provides the opportunity to confront the future while recognizing the current state of the business and putting plans in place to realize that future. 
  • Strategic planning provides focus. It helps the leaders to focus on the 20% of activities that will yield 80% future success. 
  • A strategic plan is important as it is the road map for the achievement of an organization's goals, mission, and purposes. 
  • The aim of any strategy is to optimize the return with minimizing the risk, it reduces the risk of lost opportunities and increases the probability of value creation. 
  • Strategy thinking unites a community of people who want to achieve multiple objectives with limited resources while ensuring sustainability in a changing environment. 
  • Good strategy is a funnel through which all ideas that have been previously filtered, now flow and create a positive result for your company growth.
  • A clear strategy improves internal motivation, performance, and accountability as well as external communication, leading to greater success through the focused application of time, skills, and other resources. 
  • Strategic planning puts in place the bridge between the objective(s) to be achieved and the resources available. 

  • The strategy weaves the key elements into a clear picture of future of business. The universal elements of strategy are timing, location, and people, the business elements of strategy are: people, process, and technology  
  • Strategy is the pillar of organizational existence, its design, structure, functions, vision, and mission.  
Without a destination, the journey becomes aimless; where strategy is setting the direction and the road map in the journey.


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