Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Moon Festival Pondering: The Nature Balance of Yin & Yang

The sunshine and moon light are not competitive, but complementary;
The sunshine and moon light are not opposite, but balance of each other;
The warmness of sun shines through to make one fall in love with life;
The coolness of moonlight glows over to make one ponder the meaning of life;
The Sun like deep sea, with breadth and depth of energy & resource;
The moon like running river; with fluidity and dynamism of mystery;

The Sun is red, hot and burning; The moon is soothing, cooling and colorful;
The Sun embraces the full spectrum of colors; The moon reflects the color of one’s mood: blue, silver, yellow, white, or orange…
The Sunrise and Sunset indicate creature’s life cycle; The Wax and Wane of Moon symbolize the up and down of life stage….
The sunshine and moon light are the two sides of same light, the moon doesn’t steal the sun’s light, but reflection of its Sun

The Sun stimulates one’s passion; the moon attracts one with charm;
The Sun guides us forward; the Moon pulls us through;
The Sun instills us positive energy; The Moon conveys us the sophistication of persona;
The Sun makes us feel humbled; The Moon accompanies us with intimacy
The sun keeps one focus on getting things done; The moon allures one to wonder around;
The Sun inspires people to sing the songs to admire it; The moon influences the artists to craft the poem to appreciate it.
The Sun brightens the world; The Moon enchants the people;
Live by Sun; Love by Moon; 

The Sun stretches one up; The moon digs one through;
The Sun motivates one to act; The moon enchants one to dream;
The Sun lifts up one’s spirit; The Moon drives one to hunt for the soul;
The Sun Solidify one’s mind; The moon soften one’s heart;
The Sun warm up one’s body; The moon clean up one’s soul;

Sun and Moon are the balance of Ying and Yang, the nature harmony of the universe… There’re many things like Sun and Moon, they are complementary and balancing the world…



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