Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Top Five Innovation Roadblocks

Innovation Management is like landscaping, not the charm for a moment, but a scene for all seasons.

Lack of strategy for the innovation
, so a lack of focus kills innovation far too often, especially when organizations are pulled from all directions. Innovation needs the right perspective from the beginning. Why is the organization focusing on innovation? What is the end goal? How will the innovation improve the customer experience?

 A sustainable culture of innovation doesn't happen by chance. It requires focus, energy, effort and leadership willing to put in the time and commit to achievement.

Lack of communication is an innovation roadblocks. People that don't know about organization's goals and challenges will not be able to participate on giving focused ideas and creating innovation...Indeed, communication innovation is one of key elements in innovation practices, and the foundation of all other sort of innovation such as product/process/culture innovation., etc. 

Lack of Process to Orchestrate Innovation Effort: Often time there are a lot of interest and many exploratory efforts going on within large organization. However innovation is not just about some great ideas and a few nights of hard work. It takes a lot of energy to bring some fruits. How to channel the innovative thinking and bring the innovative brain powers together will be key to having a meaningful innovative environment. It takes strong leadership and commitment to make it happen.

Lack of Risk-Tolerance Culture: Risk of failure is irritated where large organizations do not want to experiment or too much bureaucracy. Also organization culture not supporting creativity, resistance to change and not willing to try out new things act as barrier. For example, an unwillingness to support the remote - anywhere, anytime, any device -- mantra embraced by the new generation of professionals. Often times these tech-fueled professionals have a tremendous amount to offer to an organization as it innovates. Yet, they fail to work within the realm of tradition. If businesses have a desire to innovate, they need to embrace a collaborative environment with enriched video, text, and voice capabilities,

Lack of Standards/Governance: Standards determine benchmarks on which innovation can be applied for continuous improvement. Without standards, innovation can go in many directions, often redundant, sometimes canceling each other, cost too much; the innovation does not address a need. The set of standards or guideline are based on solid governance principles, like landscaping, can ensure innovation garden blossoms at four seasons of changes.   


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