Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Creative State of Mind

The creative mind is a type of Ultra-Modern Mindsets to push the human world forward. 

As the world stepped into the hyper-connected digital era, the ultra-modern mindsets need to be crafted in continuous driving mankind progression and spurring the next level of innovation. Creativity today asks for a new mindset, a connected world image, global consciousness, and cognitive intelligence; allowing "the creative flow" to open up for information abundance. The creative state of mind may not bound to any one 'mindset' but should be free to be expressed wherever it may pop up if that makes sense, it has the following characteristics:

  1. An Open Mind: or simply an openness to finding connections between experiences, people, things, ideas, etc., and making literally or figuratively something new from those insights. All snowflakes have different speaking, all snowflakes received are valid and held sacred. Start with a completely open and untainted mind. 
  1. A Possible Mind: A childlike state, anything is possible. By definition an idea is "Possible", that is a step beyond "Plausible", and it does take a mind geared toward innovation to take the concept from plausible to possible. Innovation requires a broad Thought/Action Menu and the groups& companies that work to enable that type of environment to do better. Innovation is mainly the process to make the impossible possible.   
  1. A Desirable Mind: Desire is the spearhead to motivation, which in turn creates the mind to wonder how to make your mission of change possible. It is the recognition that something is missing or something needs to be enhanced to get to the satisfaction level that you need or want. If you want to create a genuine innovation, which means that you can offer a solution that is not only an improvement of a former solution but a completely new view of approaching the solution. A desire mind is a necessary element of motivation to transform inward driven creativity into outward driven innovation
  1. A Fresh Mind: It is a balance between what you know and not letting what you know hinder you in the discovery of new innovation. You have to empty your mind of how things are "usually" solved. Then use techniques of seeing things from a different perspective: think upside down, inside out, think small, think big, etc. Overly-structured processes and preconceived "truths" are barriers to innovation. Avoid the "History of Success" trap; unclog your memory from old knowledge. 
  1. A Learning Mind: Learning is necessary for innovation. It's how you let it affect your innovative mind state via continuous information digestion and dynamic synthesis. But, it doesn't have to be "muddy" your innovation if you are aware that it can and you refuse to let it box you in. A state of learning mind is a growth mind, to allow knowledge flow, transform static knowledge into deep insight, and ultimate wisdom as well.   
  1. A ‘Disruptive’ Mind: Innovation is the result of some kind of disruption, innovation can be defined as the collision between different perspectives, internal programming, mind-states of possibility and necessity and thought patterns that result in creative ideas and solutions. Essentially, innovation is a type of creative disruption.    
  1. A Connecting Mind: The mind for innovation is also a mind which is free of psychological inertia. The mind needs to be freed so that it’s connected to the rest of the universe and allows ideas to flow through. Every problem that we face has a similar or analogous problem in the some other industry, geography...or in a leading area. One just needs to find that existing solution and adapt it to the current problem. 
The creative state of mind means, even more, things. It is about the differentiating eyesight between what we have and what we want, the attitude:-" this is not good enough," resiliency- "nothing gets me down," persistence-"I will not stop pursuing this", and the inner need to feel "we" can do better than the status quo/competition. It is the ultra-modern mind to keep the flow and push the human world forward.

A variety of Ultra-Modern Mindset:
Agile Mind
Creative Mind
Complexity Mind
Flow Mind
Design Mind
Systematic Mind


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