Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What's Stopped you from Being Creative?

 Creativity Muscle need be Strengthened, and Creativity Culture need to be Cultivated

Creativity is instinctive or inherent in everyone. However, like many skills, practice leads to fruition, inhibition, and fear stifle creativity.

  • It is the environment in which you are creating! If that environment is not conducive to recognizing and nourishing creativity, then creativity goes into hibernation! 

  • The barrier to creativity is often inhibition - whether self-generated or the result of peer or group hostility. People are naturally averse to appearing to make a fool of themselves, yet creativity demands consideration of the absurd when the convention fails. 'Creativity is the defeat of habit by originality’- Koestler 
  • The psychology stop you from being creative is the ‘fear of failure’: The failure can be redefined as "Not TRYING". If you don’t try then you fail. Furthermore, cultivate the culture of risk tolerance, which leads to the path of creative pursuit. 
  • Creativity can also be taught, exercised, trained and become some sort of "a habit": A bee builds her wax comb instinctively, human (native) language is the result of long learning, training, drilling, and every-day maintaining this skill (without which people lose even their native language!); after that it becomes "instinctive" (trained to the extent of automation", and it probably becomes unconsciousness)   
  • Being systematically innovative is an optimal level of creativity pursuit: Innovation is a systematic way of applying creativity in the real life, practice (use, develop and teach) the innovation method in combination with biologically-based problem-solving strategies. In general, innovation is a cross-disciplinary science. 
Creativity is both nature and nurtured. Creativity takes courage, build an environment to flex your creativity muscle. 


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