Saturday, October 26, 2013


Look up the Sky, Imagine the Earth is just a little Blue Dot in the Universe 

Leaders today are facing many pressures to deal with VUCA-Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous business and social environment, from test to trial, 'trick or treat’,  there are many pitfalls on the road and numerous roadblocks on the way, therefore, a mature leader has such characteristic like ‘gravitas’. What is gravitas? Why is it important for a leader? Is ‘Gravitas’ the Characteristic for Mature Leadership

Gravitas includes the traits of discipline, consistency, strength, loyalty, power, duty, and steadiness - above all else it is an internal characteristic and innate character. With it, leaders can be steadfast in the midst of change or difficulty; without it, one may drift around and lose the focus.

The gravitas in a leader is like a karat in diamond. The value of the diamond depends on its karat, the “gravity” of leader comes from his/her character. Human beings are gifted with innate qualities that allow them to respond in different ways to the same circumstance, it is the response that defines the level of leadership being exhibited at that moment. Leaders develop at different rates and emerge as effective at the culmination of trust, awareness, practice/mastery and consistency. 

Gravitas can be defined to mean of substance, seriousness, or dignified demeanor, then it is important to both those who aspire to lead and those who allow others to lead them. Individuals who possess gravitas work to maintain decorum most conducive to achieving the desired results regardless of the situation at hand. Once mastered, implementation becomes second nature to the practitioner. The phrase “are you trying to convince me or yourself” comes to mind of an individual who feels compelled to inform every one of their gravitas prowess.

Gravitas is a mindset. It’s not about acting, it's about how you can generate a specific energy in yourself to help consciously create the authentic impact you choose. Gravitas is neither defined by external environments nor external pressures but is ultimately defined by the character traits that are refined by these external actions and interactions which make up processor journey.

Gravitas is an attitude, rather than a behavior. Behavior is just its way of exposing itself to the world it interacts with. It's a responsive element, in that attitudes receive influences from the outside and adjust, if each in their own fashion -- somewhat comparable to the "gravitational" considerations in Newtonian planetary physics that lent their name to the game.

Gravitas and humility have similarity, but also different. humility is more attitude driven, with such humbleness, but gravitas can mean, even more, it could be situation driven, it means consistency, persistence, steadiness, confidence or even a piece of pride, to be who you are and what you do. It takes the breadth of understanding of situation and depth of cogitative insight upon circumstances to have nature magnet to cause so-called gravitas.

It isn't something you have all, it is something you continuously work towards. The power of one's will defines much of one's "gravitas" and how it develops. It is a journey...a series of destinations.


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