Sunday, September 13, 2015

What is the Attitude

Attitude is one's "Settled Mode of Thinking."

We all have been using this word ATTITUDE so frequently that we take it granted that we can define attitude perfectly, but when we have to put in writing, it appears to be quite difficult. The simplest definition of 'Attitude' would be one's "Settled Mode of Thinking": Attitude manifests itself through one's behavior. It can be changed for sure only if one is willing to accept and give 100 percent to changing oneself. It's a process one will have to go through and takes time. All this is at a time when it is difficult to understand between right and wrong, and thereafter from the choices one makes. Basic nature too plays a role. Perhaps we can add belief about oneself into the mix. How we feel inwardly about ourselves contributes to the overall way we handle our personal interactions with others. Our subconscious judgments about who we are in the sense of a personality and mindset.

Attitude is the compilation and quality of thought transposed to the brain of its personality and mindset, which is moving through human existence: "ATTITUDE" is an individual's personal action navigated by habits, culture in vogue and welcome acceptance of behavior with the objects of cosmos other than self and connected to being and nonbeings. Attitude changes from time to time and not long lasting and gets welcome or unwelcome as per minds condition which is phenomenon depending upon various effects within and beyond control. Attitude is basically ''how you react to any situation that comes up?'' It develops based on our beliefs, knowledge, experience, how we are brought up, the company we keep and traits we are born with and significant incidents of our life.etc. Let us see the attitude of taking things in a positive way and choose the actions with enthusiasm, taking a moderate risk with realistic optimism. If we are in the attitude of pessimism and helplessness, we do need to change for living better. The earlier we start seeing life with right kind of attitude, the better will our stay on this beautiful planet, these all the phenomenon of "Attitude."

Having Knowledge, skill, and competency is not attitude: There are triple "A"s to achieve goals, Attitude, Aptitude and Altitude. Competency is more related to Aptitude - the Knowledge and Skill for that particular work. It is more related to precision without a fault. Competency is related to the performance and the outcome. If you have the attitude you acquire all these but can't guarantee vice versa. Having attitude makes you positive and ever caring, Aptitude enables you to achieve, and altitude leads you to think big. However, in the future, competency can be taken care by Artificial Intelligence to a certain degree. It would be the Attitude towards Humanity, which would need to be relevant. Humans to be effective must master human traits such as empathy, social sensitivity, storytelling, humor, and creativity to gain an advantage in the age of machine intelligence.

Attitude is a behavioral response: It is developed on the basis of one's understanding groomed by the growth environment, education, circumstances, and surroundings. Attitude is a vibration...a frequency our human personality carries within it that it exudes around and then affects the world outside through the frequency of this vibration. The higher the frequency of the vibration, the more positive, caring, loving and compassionate the attitude becomes. Attitude is the positive or negative feeling towards a work. A skilled and knowledgeable person may not have attitude and hence not work. Usually, we know what makes us behave in a certain manner and why we make our decisions. Many of us don't want to fully admit when these choices are not coming from the higher standards we set, even for ourselves! So, instead of blaming, others, make excuses, rather than admit the truth to ourselves or anyone else.

Attitude is a way of thinking and a way of looking at the problem. How one looks at a problem - challenge or a threat or danger depends on the attitude of the person if one’s attitude is positive, he/she takes it as a challenge or good opportunity, and if it is negative he or she perceives it as a threat or a big problem. Attitude constitutes the belief of the person, the emotions attached to that belief and the action part resulting from both.


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