Monday, September 21, 2015

From Survival Instincts to Thriving Sophistication!

The balance in everything is the key.

The mind is the software that promotes and regulates each function and each action of our body, from the reproduction and reconstruction of our cells to the food process and distribution, to our voluntary and involuntary movements, and to all our behaviors, etc. All of the mind’s requests are then processed, implemented, and interfaced by the brain in the different areas of the body. This extraordinarily sophisticated operation is silently going on 24/7,  and most of us will never know much about it. However, the brain activities function for survival instincts are still primitive, what are the further aspect of human sophistication in regards to vision, communication and innovation for problem-solving or overcoming challenges?

The survival system is one of the most powerful and complex software applications of our mind. It has the task of protecting us from every possible physical and emotional risk and damage. Its actions are considered a priority in the behavioral system since our life may depend on it. How does it work? Human’s survival system collects a list of items that are considered dangerous. These may be all sorts of things like thoughts, feelings, emotions, people, animals, objects, sites, or some combination of those. It is database driven and uses a precompiled list of threats to spot and prevent danger. Everything that may represent a threat is listed in the ‘database of the unsafe.’ This list is being constantly compared (24/7) with all of the data that we receive from our senses and our thoughts and covers every physical and emotional aspect of our daily life. If a match is identified, our survival system will believe that we are in danger and initiate a survival protocol.

The balance in everything is the key: But hasn't all this evolved over time? Hasn't our mind learned to adopt socially acceptable behavior and limited the wild habits? So if you repress the instincts too much, it is likely to cause trouble within you. But at the same time, it doesn't appear sane if you give these wild habits so much importance and embrace the barbaric competition in today's evolved world where we must be working on broader perspectives rather than spending our life in defeating a business competitor for survival. The paradox is that we have already developed so much that mere survival is the shadow perception of the human world. On the other side, as society expands, it becomes more complex and instead of remaining a society more complex, it reverts to chaos hence the struggle for survival more intense.

From survival instincts to thriving sophistication, it’s not the quantitative accumulation, but the quantum leap. According to discontinuity theory ( Some people see development as consisting of different stages. The discontinuity view of development believes that people pass through stages of life that are qualitatively different from each other. For example, children go from only being able to think in very literal terms to being able to think abstractly. They have moved into the 'abstract thinking' phase of their lives. As you can imagine, discontinuous development is like walking up the stairs: a series of stages, or steps, that get you to the top of the mountain. Noam Chomsky, the prominent proponent of discontinuity theory, argued that a single chance mutation occurred in one individual in the order of 100,000 years ago, instantaneously installing the language faculty, a component of the mind-brain in "perfect" or "near-perfect" form. According to this view, sophistication emergence resembled the formation of a crystal; with digital as the seed crystal in a supersaturated primate brain, on the verge of blossoming into the human mind, by physical law, once evolution added, a single small but crucial keystone. It follows from this hypothesis that sophistication appeared rather suddenly within the history of human evolution.

If we look, we see that all things and especially living creatures have numerous different needs and numerous different wants. And those wants and needs are provided for them at the appropriate time, in unexpected ways, from places they do not know and their hands cannot reach. Among causes, human beings are self-evidently the most superior, have the greatest power of choice, and the most extensive ability to control and direct other causes. And among the most obvious of human's actions over which s/he exercises choice are eating and the powers of speech and thought. Furthermore, all these faculties are extremely well-ordered, wonderful, and purposeful chains.


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