Thursday, September 10, 2015

What is the Human Mind

The progress of humankind is dependent on the advanced level of those leading minds.

The "mind" is traditionally referring to consciousness or awareness. The mind is created by brain activity. The mind is the music, the brain is the composer, the orchestra of the trillion nerve cells and neuronal connections as well as the electrical impulses and chemical messengers make it possible for one neural network to connect with another. We have to understand more deeply about our own mind, what’re the correlation between the brain and the mind, what’re the thinking processes? Analogically, the brain is the hardware and the mind is the software with the totality in action, so the brain with the mind is the hardware plus software.

The result of all brain activity is the mind: without the brain, there can be no individual mind, yet it is conceivable that the brain produces something that as is greater than itself and this is the 'mind.' The way humans can gather energy up is by 'being who we are,' or 'how we feel,' which is based on how we actually experience the moment as a human being and how it makes us feel ( either peace or grief). If you do this then the energy gets mixed up with the actual situation you are in and things become very creative, and things happen which is bigger than the initial input by the person or the situation. Most people gather up their energy primarily from their mind. The way the brain computes the situations and measures 'how you feel' can be used as a guide to knowing what is good for you. Someone has increased his/her power of will, at the higher level, he/she can control the mind, calming it will not break into waves and have all kinds of desires; holding the mind steady, not allowing it to get into waves from external or internal cause; controlling the mind perfectly just by the power of will.

The mind is the conscious energy that engulfs the brain; it works through the brain in sending a network of consciousness to every cell of the body in order for each to perform its own function. This is done through electrical impulses in the brain cells. The uncontrolled mind, without mindfulness and complete awareness, cannot be capable of performing good action. This is the reason that nowadays, even the modern science, especially psychology, recognizes ‘‘the effectiveness of mindfulness in reducing stress, raising self-awareness, enhancing emotional intelligence, and in controlling negative behavior, etc.’’ There is a 'fail-safe' measurement included within this that means something is only a 'good' action if others around you receive love and care too. Intention doesn’t really come into it.

To what degree mind and brain are linked in a physical sense remains a subject of intense discussion. The thought does not precede the thinker; the thinker precedes the thought and the consciousness of the thinker precedes the fact of his/her being a thinker. The brain is vertebrate's organ of the body that is the center of the individual's creating, storing, and reacting functions including mind and energy for metabolic sustainability. The human brain has a unique functional capacity for life used to sustain metabolic energy and physiological functions for survival, reproduction, love and all behaviors. We would probably all agree that the mind is not located between the eyes, but that is where the attention and the majority of activity seem to be. The experience of the world through the senses and the mind, the various processes of thinking and the different implications of this experience are all offshoots of the consciousness of the Self.

The mind is something more personal. It is a label that individuals create for that collective sensation or awareness that is on their own. The collective sensation is one's perspective, experience, memory, imagination, perception, the world is projected by the brain through the collection of sensations and ideas that we are sensitive to and intrigued by. The progress of humankind is dependent on the advanced level of those leading minds.


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