Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How Much can you Affect Environment Today that will Create a Positive Change Tomorrow?

Keep mindfully insatiable curiosity. It starts with your attitude.

Change - big or small is inevitable. You can’t step into the same river twice, meaning that everything is always in a state of flow. However, change is not for its own sake, the driver for change is for making progress or innovation, so what are you doing today that will create a positive change tomorrow?

To create a positive change tomorrow, someone needs to start today understanding self. Not knowing ourselves as best as we can, how we can do any change and aim for a positive change? To investigate more and more yourself every day, and be authentic. This has helped you in understanding how you can do a change of self, that will positively reflect anyone around you. In this way, the result is not only positive for you and for people next to you, but it lasts longer both for you and those you can influence. Then the next step is to help others do the same. Helping others to know themselves and aim for any improvement. So changes will be positive day by day. In the end, the positive change attitude becomes contagious.

Try to see more different perspectives without pushing toward the one that you think is the truth. This is interesting and never finish the journey of connection with others. Listen and hear what people are saying or trying to say. Capturing their ideas and creativity but always remembering to share yours. When there is an interchange of thoughts we begin accepting and opening to newness and transforming to innovate together. Cultivate the capacity to listen with hunger, in order to deeply understand different perspectives, to meet people where they are, and to collaborate on moving forward. Keep mindfully insatiable curiosity. It starts with your attitude. Keeping an open mind and learning more and more about Social Media. It is not only a platform for the expression of ideas, but it also provides an opportunity to share thoughts and insights with others that were unavailable not that long ago. A resource can only provide a benefit if it is utilized.

Help others succeed through mentoring. Tomorrow will be at least as good as today and probably even better. It takes responsibilities, treats people right, and believes in their own potential and value people, so they will always have enough self-confidence to do the right thing for individuals and not just numbers. This is something that creates a positive change for tomorrow as well as at the moment. Whether it is positive reinforcement, being someone's personal sounding board, or simply being the positive energy in a room.

As a professional, we stick to our values and try to spread the word. An ocean starts with one raindrop and if a lot of people do the same we do create a better world where we will look at values and human beings instead of numbers and figures. “Plant a seed" of the intention of kindness, compassion, and empathy. If you incorporate this mindset as a natural part of your daily discourse, you will be amazed at the response that you receive and it sets the stage for building long-lasting relationships in the community in which you reside.

Keep in mind how much you can affect the environment. Then have a good plan in place and leverage the effective technological tools for whatever you wish to accomplish and keep your word no matter what. Not only what we do today will change tomorrow positively but every second and minute charge the one that comes after.


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