Sunday, November 1, 2015

#2300th Blog Posting: Life is a Progress Journey Starting with a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset believes - all dreams have the potential to be translated into fulfillment. 

It is the beginning of the month, it’s also the time to post the #2300th blog of the “Future of CIO.” Life is a progress journey, starting with a growth mindset which must believe - all dreams have the potential to be translated into fulfillment. The key here is BELIEF. A growth mindset refers to those who solve problems or target the goals with the belief that their ability level was nothing more than a snapshot in time and eminently changeable as they continued to learn and develop. The focal point for such mindset is to make continuous progress by asking: Who am I? Am I focusing on the right things? What can I learn? What would I do differently next time? What can I change? At society level, making collective progress starts with the collective wisdom, the right mindsets, the positive attitudes, and the collaborative effort to achieve the common goals.

Positivity - Positive attitude lifts up one’s spirit and it’s the engine of the human progress. It is a natural urge that every individual seeks every available opportunity and mold it to the positive advantage throughout the journey of life with utmost interest and seriousness. It is important to keep an open mind, respectful, and empathetic while, simultaneously, maintaining a steady dedication to accuracy and knowledge. Awaken your heart and liberate your mind to obtain accurate knowledge and wisdom, because it gives you a more holistic view of a problem or situation, If the problems or negativity are all you see, then you are part of problems. Want to be part of the solutions, then stop focusing on the problem and focus on the solutions. Once you see the big picture and are in alignment to have a positive result, true progress can be made. Sow positive thoughts = create positive change. Sow negative thoughts = negative change. It’s your choice and your responsibility.

Mindfulness: For change in the self, after awareness, reflection, regulation to change, the force of habit is required. Mindfulness is a requirement for the inner change to occur and for the progress to make. Our magnificent brains are capable of conjuring up brilliant, original, and creative ideas, besides creativity, clarity and consciousness are crucial as well. Mindfulness is more about mastering at multidimensional thinking processes, and the best way to develop thinking is in solitude turning within for discovery of yourself and beyond: Start yourself - discover yourself - express yourself - refine yourself -proof yourself - maintain yourself -preserve yourself -protect yourself should be the path to follow. The world is far away from perfect, and most of the problems are caused by miscommunication, poor decision making, or dig deeper, the unbalanced mindsets lack of Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Brilliance comes because of balance, not extremes of any kind. And human’s collective progress needs to be achieved via being mindful, be empathetic, and be collaborative.

Forward-looking: The past is part of who you are, learning from the past can help us to make continuous improvement, but you don't have to be defined or limited by that past. Solutions are forward thinking, because out of dated perception is like time glue that keeps you still while the rest of the world moves on which creates another problem-resentment and more negative thinking. The past is like looking into a rear-view mirror in your car. That takes a quick peek but do not stare. Use the front windshield as your path to your future. Why? Because the windshield of the car is in front of you and is a lot bigger and wider than the rear-view mirror. Furthermore, the past is called the past for a has passed and done with. Move forward. It doesn't matter how fast you're moving forward, but fail over and move forward. When you have freed yourself from the overload of the past, or other people’ judgment, everything will start to flow naturally. It is just a matter of getting used to being you, and not what others have made of you. Improvement comes by discovering and exploring self. To learn, and to succeed requires humility and the support of people. And moreover, it will become a joyful and interesting journey: the discovery of how to live your existence in the most appropriate way for you, being authentic and being mindful.

Life is continuous evolving. There is nothing like a straight line in reality, either connecting the dots, drawing the circles, or painting the colors, the progress is made via positive and growth mindsets, humble learning attitudes, and emotional brilliance. It is the good combination of talent, opportunities, and support. Progress can not be made without knowledge, the ultimate aim of knowledge is wisdom. Every bit of knowledge we acquire either increases our confidence, or betters our judgment, or then does both to make progress sustainable.


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