Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Objectives of Education

Education like transportation is the means to end, the receivers need to discover their own destinations.
The purpose of education is to instill the art of learning in order to adapt in a changing world. Educationally self-sufficiency is really important as we become adults to enable confidence and broaden life experiences. What are more specific objectives of modern education?

The single most important objective of education (of children) is to ensure that they do not stop questioning: They continue their learning journey with their relentless quest for answers as they grow up, and to spread the virus of curiosity. Making inquiries with positive intentions, and applying ethical ways, results in positive outcomes for self and all others. So Education needs to encourage children to ask questions, make mistakes, ask clarifying questions, make more mistakes, and then ask even more questions.

Education like a window should make you see and understand the world and its constant changes more clearly; Equipped with knowledge, you are not afraid of change, and feel comfortable of being a part of it. However, sometimes, the traditional education instills preconceived concept or even bias which becomes part of problems for the society moving forward. Therefore, continuous learning via informal education is complementary to adapt to the increasing speed of changes.

Education (for children and all) should promote all positive perspectives of humanity: The wonder of the unknown, freedom to imagine, confidence to create, discipline to commit, skills to innovate, judgment in action, selflessness to share, compassion to care, empathy to understand, and a fine balance of self-esteem and humility. The realization via fine education -
~ they have in themselves all that is needed to become fulfilled individuals;
~ they are not in competition with their peers, but rather with themselves, in becoming their best versions.
~listen to and balance their instincts, intuition, imagination, inquiry with ingenuity towards achieving life purposes.
~ they have an endless reservoir of goodness waiting to be tapped and they should continually look for it.

Education should focus on creativity and discovery through the process of the arts; it needs to engage, enlighten and develop human beings, who from there can learn the skills and build capabilities. The pitfall of education is to stifle originality and creativity, detach us from connecting with nature. Natural potential and intuition foster into known and undiscovered diverse approaches of thinking for maximizing self-determination, personal interpretation, and individual and group expression. Education's objective should be to provide the foundation that results in the addition of new information and discoveries. Therefore, furthering the quality of civilization and enriching the role we play in the universe. To value and develop the child's natural potential and give a space to his/her creative, instinctive way of discovering the world, instead of trying to shape her/him into a structured system.

Education should focus on cultivating thinking habit, if not sufficient to sharpening thinking skills. Because the healthy thinking habits can unleash us from conventional wisdom and opens the door to achieve anything. The limitation of education is that it can instill knowledge or coach methodology, but can’t teach us how to think independently or creatively. The future of education should be less about imparting knowledge anymore. The internet makes knowledge available at our fingertips in a split second. New education should listen to the child, bring out their inner resources, teach them in a way that suits their individual learning style, cultivate their thinking and learning habits, aim to give children and young people the ability to effect positive change in their lives and communities. The objectives of education are to make sure that one can think profoundly, communicate with clarity, understand (Listen) with empathy, and Execute (Do) confidently, no matter what field or subject they study.

The real goal of education is to achieve wisdom, the wisdom goes beyond what our senses can perceive and what our logical mind can understand. Knowing Algebra or a language or studying history or about different civilization is merely knowledge, it is not wisdom. Modern education should meet the need for embracing and retaining the globally connected civilization models for progressive human activity and sustainability. The “products” of modern education is in demand because the society desperately needs more peacemakers, visionary, ambassadors, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every shape and form. It needs people who live well in their places. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable, peaceful, and humane. It needs more people to value diversity and become lifelong learners.


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