Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bridging Digital Gaps to Catalyze Business Maturity

Bridging multiple digital gaps helps to discover the alternatives to problem-solving; create the digital synergy of orchestrating the ongoing digital symphony.

Digital is the new paradigm shift to deeply connect the business with the natural ecosystem. At the high maturity level, organizations have to stretch out in every business dimension for driving the full-fledged digital transformation, in order to adapt to the new world of business - fast, always “on,” highly connected and ultra-competitive. On one side, the idea of digital lenses is to "seeing the whole," or helping people reach a shared understanding of the whole. On the other side, digital enlarges the thinking and capability gaps because different organizations, functions, and individuals evolve with varying speed. In reality, many organizations are still operated with the traditional management discipline with the silo mentality. So, how to bridge multiple digital gaps to catalyze overall business maturity?

Bridging the collaboration gap to enforce harmony: Collaboration is at its essence, the intellectual harmony between humans (not clones). It is a system that is not scalable so easily. Digital transformation is an inevitable journey even though it is not often recognized. Driving digital change isn't always sexy or groundbreaking. It involves hiring the right talent, setting up the crucibles to allow for greater innovation within the teams that are close to the product development/ marketing/sales/ distribution teams. Collaborating strategically across lines of business, understanding and speaking the common business language. A common challenge for many digital leaders seems to be learning progressive skills. Most managers do not realize that they are change agents in their daily functions. For scaling collaboration, some companies have created institutional platforms that focus on building longer-term relationships. Sustaining long-term collaboration allows participants to develop subject knowledge over time and focus more directly on business objectives to digital business strategy and digitally enabled innovation and transformation.

Bridging resource gaps for harnessing innovation and maintain the digital balance and flow: Hyper-connectivity can foster innovation. Innovation is a multi-disciplinary effort. In other words, try to digitally connect key resources/assets in their vicinity/context to the resource-rich innovation hubs/clusters across the business ecosystem. In doing so, you can create the collegiality and "shared context for learning," to keep information flow and digital balance. That, in turn, should lead to "inspirations," that will further fuel more collaboration in innovative projects/portfolio to their communities/environments. In addition, innovation collaboration teams embrace multiple disciplines and understand how systems work, and this yielded a competitive advantage. Also, don't expect your collaboration to be the same, and find your own balance and you will find your innovation flow.

Bridging insight gaps to improve decision effectiveness and cultivate the culture of learning agility: The digital era is volatile, complex, uncertain and ambiguous, to get into the deep, deep digital reality, businesses today must bridge the insight gap to both frame problems and solve them effectively. Digital leaders and professionals need to embrace the diversity of thoughts, and practice out-of-the-box thinking for developing multidimensional thinking capability. Diversity in thought’ is the gold nugget to be found in embracing diversity in the digital era. In the conventional mind, people think diversity is only about race or gender. If you categorize people on any superficial criteria, and then you are putting them in silos, or type-casting, and setting up boundaries and hurdles, your digital outlook is too narrow and your understanding of problems is too shallow. Especially, at the command-control industrial era, when conformity to expectations is very highly valued, and independent thinkers are seen, by default, as troublemakers. However, digital is the age of innovation, and inclusiveness must become the part of your business DNA, to avoid group thinking, bridge insight gaps, improve decision maturity, and cultivate the culture of learning agility.

The digital ecosystem provides unprecedented opportunities to leapfrog the business world up to the next level of maturity. Bridging multiple digital gaps helps to discover the alternatives to problem-solving; create the digital synergy of orchestrating talent, process, and technologies; enforce deep understanding of the necessity of systems awareness and harmonics, and accelerate digital flow and business transformation.


Unprecedented prospects to advance the business world to the next stage of maturity are offered by the digital environment. Creating a digital synergy of orchestrating talent, process, and technology, enforcing deep understanding of the necessity of systems awareness and harmonics, https://www.babylongirls.co.uk and accelerating digital flow and business transformation are all made possible by bridging numerous digital gaps.

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