Thursday, March 9, 2017

Practicing Digital Leadership with Continuous Deliveries

The emerging digital trend is the constructive disruptor for broadening leadership touchpoints and deepening leadership cognizance.

The substance of leadership will never change, it is the vision to make a positive influence, to lead forward, not backward. We all lead at a different level as digital is the age of people. And the emerging digital trend is the constructive disruptor for broadening leadership touchpoints and deepening leadership cognizance. Digital leadership is no longer just a status quo with command & control style, but a journey of continuous learning and influencing via continuous delivery.

Digital leadership is the state of mind, to continuously connect dots and catalyze creativity: The quality of your thinking decides your leadership effectiveness and profundity. Creative leadership is in demand as digital is the age of innovation. Creative leaders are forward-looking, to connect today and the future and accelerate digital transformation. Creative leaders will build up the working environment to nurture creativity, enable dot-connecting activities such as cross-functional collaboration, and encourage the freedom of thinking and action. It's essential to have people who can generate lots of original ideas, and it's equally important to have people who can evaluate and implement these ideas! So it's important to build a culture where creativity is not just accepted but encouraged.

Digital leadership is the capability via continuously strengthening leadership strength: Leadership is complex, and although it has many facets, at its core, the foundation of leadership is based on authenticity. Leadership strength is different from leadership style, the style is often at the skin level, but strength is built underneath, the strength is both innate and can be strengthened further by practicing. Therefore, it’s important to dig through your innate ability, discover and enforce your own leadership strength, unleash your leadership potential, and build your own unique set of leadership capabilities. Because focusing on leadership style alone to attract the followers is, at best, a short-lived adventure. An effective leader needs to have both broad business acumen, digital fluency and deep expertise in the specific field, with multidimensional thinking ability, transdisciplinary knowledge, cross-functional experience, to practice expert power and enforce leadership influence.

Digital leadership is the journey of continuous learning and making leadership influence: Digital leaders are lifetime learners with a thirst for knowledge, insight, and wisdom. What keeps leaders successful is their intellectual curiosity and ability to continuously be open to learning and applying these learning as they move forward. Leaders not only learn themselves but also advocate a culture of learning. They need to be innovative and really consider where there are value and real learning within an organization. Coach, mentoring, on the job hands-on experience are the best forms of learning. You need to both learn from similar-minded mentors and the opposite minds as well, to read, listen, and associate with those who think and act the way you want to be and share the learning.

Leadership is not just soft skills such as communication. Leadership is the state of mind and a set of hard capabilities to make a continuous delivery and maintain a consistent reputation. The hardcore of leadership capabilities includes multidimensional thinking, creativity, learning agility, decision effectiveness, problem-solving, etc. So, strengthens leadership strength and highlights leadership substance. The high influential leadership keeps the positive energy flowing around, encourage both individuals and organization as a whole to practice autonomy, discover purpose, and achieve its higher-level digital maturity.


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