Thursday, July 6, 2017

Digital Board’s Digital Leadership Inquiries

The board of directors as top directorial roles need to be the mastermind behind the digital transformation, to envision and lead the organization towards its future.

At today’s “VUCA” digital dynamic, organizations face both unprecedented opportunities to grow and hyper-competition or great risks to survive. Corporate board as the top directorial role plays a significant role in business advising, leadership exemplarity, policy setting, performance monitoring, and governance practices. Board directors as top decision makers require multidimensional thinking and bring different viewpoints to improve business effectiveness and maturity.

A high mature digital board is like a lighting tower to navigating the business toward the right direction and taking all these significant responsibilities more “thoughtfully”: The board competency will directly impact business competency. An effective and efficient Board can reflect, identify and mind the gaps on their own boardroom turf, such as self-awareness, business insight, leadership capability, learning agility, and creativity, etc., as well as set the tones for the company to build the culture of inclusiveness and improve leadership effectiveness.

The board of directors as top leadership roles need to have multi-intelligent wisdom, to envision and lead the organization towards its future: Boards must set an example of leadership which permeates through the entire organization. Leadership is all about the future and changes. Leaders set principles, open to criticism, and take the risk for innovation. Leadership is composed of three characteristics: Substance, skills, and styles. Digital board directors have to keep sharpening their leadership capabilities and improve their directorship effectiveness, also keep their leadership style fitting for the modern digital era we live in. Leadership is to innovate, not a status quo; leadership is about moving forward, not backward. Leadership is the mindset. The first principle of building an ultra-modern Board needs to be open-minded, foresightful, knowledgeable, innovative and committed in order to contribute to the strategic oversight when required effectively at all times.   

Stop creating silos, take long leaps: Digital organizations are the ever-evolving business ecosystem. Organizations and their people learn through their interactions with the environment. The digital enterprise consists of an amalgam of socio systems, techno-system, bio-systems, and Econo-systems, etc. Board directors as the top business advisor role need to build the solid thinking blocks; have sufficient knowledge and unique insight to understand the business ecosystem and sense that the digital transformation is multifaceted. So, they can make good policies to ensure a smooth digital paradigm shift. Contemporary digital boards should set the critical tone from leadership grooming to talent development to culture cultivating, to ensure the right people are put in the right positions for leading digital transformation and improving the digital leadership effectiveness and maturity.

The board of directors as top directorial roles need to be the mastermind behind the digital transformation, to envision and lead the organization towards its future. They should be mindful, insightful, innovative, and decisive. An ultra-modern board is built based on progressive mindsets, leadership dynamic, advanced skills, and learning agility, to envision, inspire, influence, and innovate because the substances of leadership are all about vision, positive influence, and progression.


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