Thursday, July 20, 2017

TWO Million Page View of the “Future of CIO” Thoughts and Quotes: Read Deeply and Think Profoundly

Read deeply and think profoundly, to step into the deep, deep digital new normal!

The “Future of CIO” Blog has reached TWO MILLION page views with 3900+ blog posting in 59+ different categories of leadership, management, innovation, strategy, decision maturity, digitalization, change/talent management etc. Unlike pure entertainment, quality and professional content does take time for digesting, contemplation, and engaging.

The purpose of producing such a prolific professional blog is to envision the future of leadership, imagine digital transformation, inspire multidimensional thinking, share business and technological insight, brainstorm innovative ideas across wide management disciplines, attract growth mindsets, encourage deep reading and profound thinking, and welcome constructive criticism.

Being a digital professional today is defined by growth mindset, creativity, and learning agility: Being a digital leader or professional today means having been exposed to, and continuing to want to be exposed to the abundance of information, then distilling this information, keep updating knowledge and capturing the insight to get digital ready. To put simply, high-quality digital professionals must have the growth mindset with learning agility, to absorb quality context but shape your own thoughts and opinions. Creativity also becomes one of the most wanted qualities to be the digital professional today, because innovation is the only path to compete for the future. Creative people define and create their own convention that they live by in comparison to everyone else who just accept or inherit their convention to live by. Creative people judge the world for themselves and they are skeptical of but open with outside opinions. The problem is never to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out. Therefore, reading deeply and thinking profoundly is an important step to keep creativity flowing, as well as the business growing.

Cultivate independent thinking as a “must have” digital mindset: Independent thinking is extremely important in the digital era in which information only clicks away, but the true insight has inundated with out of dated knowledge. An independent mind is not isolated from the resource, on the opposite, a great independent thinker leverages all sort of information, read deeply, think profoundly. An independent thinker with high intelligence can observe more completely and think more profoundly, be unbiased and objective. Independent thinking means you do not follow others opinion blindly, but analyze and synthesize all sources of input and information to form your own opinion. Being a critical and independent thinker is about challenging the status quo etc, appreciate the “diversity of thoughts,” and push the world forward.

Being mindful and develop the cognitive ability for making sound judgments: What you read (watch) and how you think becomes one of the most significant parts of “being who you are,” as a digital professional. The truth is that each of us is a 'complex blend of contrasts - positive and negative; intuitive and logical' with imperfect judgment. We all want to believe that our judgment is perfect, yet none of us can claim to be a perfect character. With all these imperfection, it is true that we must become more resourceful, knowledgeable, innovative, use our judgment in everything we do - including making better decisions, understanding things or people with empathy, discovering the alternative solutions to problems., etc.  A wise mind has something to do with sound judgment, without deep reading and profound thinking, there is no way you can truly dive into the deep, deep digital new normal.

The “Future of CIO” blog inspires learning, thinking, and innovating:

  • Learning is the way to keep your mind flowing, and hence your life flowing.
  • A mind is not profound by itself, just like a tree without a root.
  • The brain is the hardware, and the mind is the software, with the totality always in action, hardware plus software.
  • Insight is vision through the ‘mind’s eyes.
  • Hybrid Thinking is a set of interdisciplinary and integrative thinking processes we will need to solve many of today’s complex problems.
  • Critical Thinking has the potential to be a deeply creative process.
  • Almost all of the humankind’s problems are rooted in mindset, and the majority of them are caused by extreme thinking or polarized thinking.
  • Open the mind to be on a path to a better version of yourself.
  • You have to be able to look objectively at the problem, deflating the emotional part of it.

Read deeply and think profoundly. The more you know, the more you feel humble because what you know, compared to what you don’t know is just a tip of the iceberg. Humility is a vital virtue. Knowledge is a commodity, but deep thinking, problem-solving, grit and perseverance define all of us innovating in the 21st century.


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