Friday, September 29, 2023

Ripe Autumn

The full moon of –tonight makes us pondering-what a spectacular scene, a converged, harmonious whole world would be?

The summer heat has not faded away yet,

The golden Mid-Autumn Festival is already coming;

The floral fragrance makes us delightful,

Tonight’s sky was covered with –

a layer of halo,

Family gathering cures –

our nostalgic feeling,

Where will the brightest moon rise tonight?

The imaginary moon is to –

connect East and West;

The silver moon bridge is framed in-

our hearts,

connect our minds, seamlessly.

The rolling-forward Pacific Ocean makes us-

feel passionate inside,

The long charming Yangtze River awakes-

our thoughts, deeply…

The twinkling stars illuminate-

the earth, boundarylessly,

the physical-virtual reality has to-

be integrated, fluently.

When the sun rises in the East,

the moon shines in the West,


The beauty of autumn nourishes-

the entire world, with hope;

Ripe rice harvests –

the East with enrichment;

Giant pumpkin symbolizes-

the abundance of the West,

The quiet town makes –

the West fresh & calm,

The modern streets bring –

joy & blooming to- the East.

The full moon of –

tonight makes us pondering,

What a spectacular scenery,

a converged, harmonious whole world would be?


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