Sunday, September 10, 2023


The lotus flowers enlightens surroundings, the worryless lake delights us all.

Modern people live at a fast pace and have many worries, so they turn to wine to relieve their worries. Students are under huge pressure to pursue academic achievement, since they are very young. Did you know that, in one of the metropolitan global cities with the long history of being the ancient capital in varying Dynasties, there is a beautiful “Worryless Lake Park” that is open to the public for free?

The legendary story behind this park is about a great lady being called a worryless girl in her time. She was charming and talented. She was carefree when she was a child. She planted rice seedlings and picked lotuses, sang and danced, and was chosen as a princess, which actually added a sense of sadness as she had to be separated from her family. Walking around the lake, the white porcelain statue of Worryless Lady stands tall and lovely, surrounded by sparkling lakes and swans roaming around. The lotus flowers enlightens surroundings, the worryless lake delights us all.

Although the park is not very big, with pavilions. Worryless Lake park is indeed a scenic spot in the ancient Dynasties. It is known as "the first lake in the south of the Long River" and "the first scenic spot in that area with enriched culture ingredients. Walking around the lake, gentle breeze touches our face and soothes our exhaustion , making it a happy place for everyone to escape the summer heat. Female, male, old and young all come here to have some fun.

When I visited there, It is when primary school students were out of school, and parents brought their children here to have some family fun together. It is very lively and brings vitality to the quiet park. The poems of “eight etiquette and four manners” decorated on the wall teach children about moral character, integrating entertainment and education into one, showing the civilized way of doing things in the "land of etiquette." The children visit here, have fun and laugh, and have nothing to worry about, like the worryless lady, wishing for a brighter future.

Circling around, I arrived at the north gate. The inscription on the door "Worryless when visiting here" makes people smile, joke around, have a sense of humor, appreciate such blessings, and have more courage to deal with tough life, do not give up hope please.

Friends, if you are still full of energy, take a bus to another great royal lake- the people-friendly park in the city center - covering an area of ​​about 500 hectares, the circumference is about 15 kilometers. Appreciate the Five Continents, as well as the beautiful and refined royal lake sceneries, which are peaceful and charming, full of mysteries and ingenuity.


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