Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flying is cool, can we make aviation industry a new cool again

Every industry need to have sense of urgency to build up the very solid diversified thought leadership team in this competitive, multi-polar new global landscape,

Flying over to the sky is almost all our childhood dream; Airline industry make our dreams come true; It changes human’s life, the world, and expand our horizon forever. However, the industry has been suffering so deep for so long with so many issue; What can we help rejuvenate this legendary industry, how can we make it a new cool industry to work for and deliver the cool travel solution both the business and consumers can count on?

1.Premium Customer Service:
The core value of modern aviation in 21st century is to deliver the premium customer service, to make the travel a great lifetime experience on the fly: By taking advantage of the cutting-edge technology, the airlines could provide the most convenient service for boarding, communication, entertainment., etc.

Web 2.0 are great sets of tool to help airline regain their reputation, when one customer distributed his broken-guitar story online, it damaged the image of United Airline severely, but with those web 2.0 tools, UL could also turn around and build up more solid customer-friendly PR and strategy in the long term.

2.Diversified Leadership Team
Every industry need to have sense of urgency to build up the very solid diversified thought leadership team in this competitive, multi-polar new global landscape, the leaders with mission and purpose, from different culture, industry, background may, bring up the new passion, brainstorm the fresh idea, think from the all angles, and instill the great confidence into the whole industry.

3.High Employee Moral
When the industry has been in the downturn spiral for a while, how to make the employee to hold on their trust and moral, share their wisdom, keep their sense of humor, to find their Mojo? they are the one to deliver the best customer service and build up the business loyalty.

4.New Revenue Stream
Beyond selling the air ticket, airlines now also sell the food, the bags, the leg space and even more, those are creative new revenue stream, but will those new charges deteriorate the airline credibility in the long term or it actually brighten the fair finance perspective with customers’ understanding.

Can airline create new revenue stream even more aggressively, cross-industry, cross-boarder., etc. and how, the diversified leadership team may bring up more possibilities.

5. Optimized Air Travel Solutions
To make every airline like Virgin, founded by Sir Richard Branson, with so many business portfolios involving in so many industries may not be so realistic, but airline industry definitely need the entrepreneurial spirit, to grow beyond the limit, the sky has no limit anyway.

6.Effect IT Technology
The latest IT technology could be the most imaginable colorful wings for today’s airlines, virtualization, SAAS, web 2.0, cloud computing may not possibly replace those legacy system overnight, but the effective technologies are no doubt the most competitive tools to fashion the airlines business strategy, and talking about today’s buzzword: cloud computing, the airline are naturally on the CLOUD”

7.Fresh Eyes to Improve the Business Process
The world's first airplane was built in the United States by the Wright Brothers in in 1903. The world's first scheduled commercial flight took place on New Year's Day, 1914.

it may be one of the most complicated industries in the world: the powerful and expensive aircraft, the legacy technology, the regulation/de-regulation, the union.etc.

It’s strategic imperative to improve the business process base on the deeper observation from clear-minded, fresh-eyes leaders with cross-industrial, cross-functional, and cross-cultural background.

It’s also cultural imperative to encourage and nurture “speak out” and “can do” entrepreneurial spirit in this legacy industry.

And the latest BPM technology could become the ideal tools to implement those improvements with logic steps and scientific methodology.

8.Aggressive Global Expansion

Airlines, like many other industries, are facing the unprecedented competition ever: legacy airline vs. discount airline, US airline vs. foreign airline., etc, the most forward-looking company would have the sense of urgency to invite the right leader on board, build up the global strategy to penetrate the emerging market with the cutting-edge technologies.

9.Resilient M&A
In this new century, the airline industries need be reshaped, resized and reenergized to fit for the new capacity, the customer-tailored demand in this brand new global landscape.

10. Learn from Leaders
Cathy Pacific and Singapore Airline are the best airlines in the world for the couple of years in the row, southwest maybe the only airline in US makes profit every year even in downturn; Ryanair is the “dollar airline” with creative pricing strategy.

What’s future of aviation industry in 21st century, not only we have more powerful, energy-efficient aircrafts, or the “bigger is better” M&A strategy, we also need the inspirational leader with mission and purpose, the dedicated employee with great Mojo to deliver the superior customer service on the fly.


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