Sunday, April 18, 2010

Innovative Frugality

The Great Recession we’ve just been through has changed many of our perspective forever, both in business world and consumer’s life style, the businesses are struggling with cutting cost and improve the process efficiency, and the consumers are more sensitive to leverage the shopping price with the quality and brand.

The good news is: the emerging innovative technology such as internet and web 2.0 make frugality the new cool in 21st century.

Web conference is hot in enterprise world, to help company limit the physical conference and eliminate travel expense significantly, the maturity of web meeting and virtual trade show actually improves the event productivity and gain more audience base, the recorded version could be archived as educational resources for the future usage, it’s the vivid example of innovative frugality in the corporate world.

The ironic fact is: the web conference is such a innovative frugality machine for many industries, but it’s also the latest innovative disruption for airline, hotel and other hospitality industries in the last couple of years; fortunately, the same web 2.0 families such as social network, blogs, crowdsource could also bring up the new horizon for those struggle companies to expand the global landscape, especially lure the potential consumers with strong purchasing power in the emerging economies.

The webnar, virtual conference could also become the main stream of informal training for many companies in the most cost effective ways, help their employees upgrade the skill set, catch up the latest technology and industry trend, refresh their mindset and energy, those emerging technologies will inspire the lifelong learner to keep grow, make the learning scenario a new cool.

"Free: The Future of a Radical Price" by Chris Anderson may bring us the great perspective on how the internet technology craft the new fashion of the innovative frugality to change the world radically.


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