Sunday, April 25, 2010

Learning on Demand and Modern Talent Management

Lifetime learner has the new wings to learn on the fly. 

Web 2.0 technologies such as video, audio, blogs, wikis and social network craft the fashion of on-demand learning, and enhance the modern talent management and education system with the unprecedented open, creative style in the 21st century.

Lifetime learner has the new wings to learn on the fly. These cool web 2.0 tools encourage self-driven human beings to learn anytime, anywhere with any subject to evoke any dreams they may have at any age; and modern Talent Management has the new boundaries. HR in the old time is more like administrative function in the enterprise, now human resources could become the true strategic partner in the 21st century, HOW:

  • Modern HR will evaluate the employee performance dynamically: the web 2.0 technologies become the efficient tools to manage with multi-dimensional focus, not only employee’s daily task delivery but also their drive, thought process and their value proposition, you may call it: Manage On the Behind;
  • Modern Talent Management will enhance the on-demand learning curriculum to develop the talent pool, and take initiative on growing employees' transformable skill set to fit in the future.
  • Modern HR not only make ‘Apple to Apple” comparison but also manage “Apple to Apple Pie” style insightful scenario planning: with these web 2.0 tools, the talent development is not just based on the past credential and experience, more counting on the talent’s potential, drive and time management skills
  • The forward-looking leaders and managers are the corporate human architect to build up the business vision with their talent blocks; they are also the life coaches to help develop employees’ progressive careers; the human engineers to navigate the employees’ potentials, energize their spirit, and hunt their Mojo.
Learning on demand makes the learning process non-stoppable, fun, more efficient and effective, without border and limit, it brings the new perspective on individual growth, talent management, education revolution and the true globalization.


Very interesting.
I really want to get as much info as I can about Talent Managment. I think it is the key if you want the success. I realized about this "theory", when I had the chance to work with Chris Van Someren, there I could notice all this stuff that the books and the web say, but on the practice, everyday.

hi, mark, thanks for great comment, many great talent management books such as talent master., etc, the digital technology is like wing for both talent growth and talent management. thanks

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