Thursday, April 8, 2010

SAAS Met Cloud in 2010’s SAASCON

I did participate SAASCON three years in the row, great conference with well-organized agenda, educational presentations and live expo.

A couple of observations from this year’s event:

1. SAAS met Cloud in this year’s event, though a few CIOs mentioned they don’t have well-established cloud strategy yet, definitely almost every presenters think cloud phenomena is beyond the buzzword now;

2. Microsoft sponsor the event, take the leadership to move applications into the cloud, but how can they differentiate their offering from GOOGLE? Can they also take the initiative to set up the policy and cloud governance?

3. Less exhibition booths compared to last two years, maybe because there’re so many cloud related conferences recently, or economy is still tough?

4. SAAS is proven business model to improve ROI, that’s why HBR credit it as the “best business model in the world”, how bout PAAS, IAAS , the other cloud creatures?

5. Quite many female audiences stand up on the cloud, but no female panelists or female CIO to deliver the presentation, the cloud is still not so colorful.

Microsoft may make the cloud a little bit crowed, but they may bring up some “water vapor” into the Cloud, become the true rainmaker.


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