Friday, April 2, 2010

How to Build up the Emotionally Intelligent Business after BIG RECESSION

These days, business intelligence is the buzz word, just like artificial intelligence in last century.

What are the differences between all sorts of intelligences, how do we develop and master them to build up the modern business?

Artificial Intelligence:
AI is the intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science that aims to create it.

Business Intelligence:
BI refers to computer-based techniques used in spotting, digging-out, and analyzing business data, such as sales revenue by products or departments or associated costs and incomes, performance intelligence and preditive analysis., etc. BI is the latest version of AI from business perspective in 21 century.

Collective Intelligence
CI refers to people and computers connected in ways that seem intelligent, social network and web 2.0 technology provide the great platform to develop CI.

Natural Intelligence

NI is the human's intelligence, it is all the systems of control present in biology. The five principles such as: feeling, coherence, action, finitization and analysis reflect the sophistication of NI.

AI and BI can learn, just like natural intelligence (NI). When programmed to, Artificial Intelligence can sense changes in its environment and react accordingly. It can then refer to the ways it reacted to previous changes to help decide what to do the next time a similar change occurs.

One big difference between Artificial Intelligence and natural intelligence is the fact that natural intelligence can forget and lose information. Artificial Intelligence could do this if it was program to do so, but this would be counter-productive.

Another big difference is accuracy. Artificial Intelligence, when given the same information can be exact, every time with speed. When natural intelligence is given the same information, it can not be as exact, and is slower.

From surface, AI seems more promised and accurate than NI, however, as we clarified, NI is the most sophisticated intelligence with dynamic analysis processes, it’s the critical success factor to make intelligent business decisions.

Essentially NI is still the crown of all kinds of intelligence, and I believe with BI + CI, the senior executives with high NI could become more logic business decision maker to develop the emotionally intelligent businesses, and not only analyze How the Mighty Fall, but also avoid it.


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