Monday, September 1, 2014

Entrepreneurship vs. Art

Some traits of character apply to both business and art, such as creativity and passion. 

The basic principle of business is to make some monetary profit, whereas the basic principle of Art is simply to express feelings. So what’s the correlation between business and art? Is it difficult to move the needle on perspectives and long-accepted assumptions about artists and businessmen?

The intersection of arts & business - artists can serve as outstanding businessmen and businessmen can be tremendous artists. Both have the same main motivation - the passion for achievements. Arts are the mirror of the metaphysical dimension but in our dichotomizing and prioritizing systems thinking, the human beings are not considered in their totality and this dimension is relegated to a lower ranking. An artist attempts to create forms for his/her feelings, new images of the world, and he/she hopes for their eternal value for mankind.  Motives of entrepreneurs are different, and sometimes not definitely restricted as a lot of the research of entrepreneurship's nature conclude, but they are driven by wishes to achievement too. According to these long-term studies, entrepreneurs appreciate money mainly as a universal symbol of their achievements, not as a true final goal...

Fully embrace a partnership between business strategy and design. It is essential that we in business operate with a full understanding of both art and science and how they can work together to create stronger ideas. Integrate design thinking into business strategy making, bringing the artistry and creativity of the design community into projects like new products design and promotion has pushed to possibilities you would not have achieved internally. Providing sound business strategy and needs to artists who can illuminate you thinking provides context and structure that allows their ideas to live in a potentially bigger space. Your business and brands deserve it!

Some traits of character apply to both of them, such as creativity and passion. There are more similarities than differences between those who work as artists and entrepreneurs; all of us humans are time-variant expressions across a spectrum of possibility and capability. None of us stays "the same" from one moment to the next: a person can be entirely an artist one moment and maybe a little bit of an entrepreneur the next, and the next moment can be neither of these things - all on a constantly varying scale. Much the same applies to each and every one of us. Art is most usually seen by artists themselves as being principally about the act of creation; of bringing into existence something which did not previously exist. Entrepreneurship is also "about" creating something which did not previously exist. These are both acts of imaginative transformation, of moving beyond anything the mind of the creator can conceive into a reality that others can perceive and touch and interact with. 

Quite simply, the linkage between the business and art are intertwined, and many skills are transferred between the two. We are all inspired and motivated by many things - excellence, achievement, recognition, revelation of the divine spark within, self-discovery, service, definitely metaphysical...but the physical needs must be met as well. Businessmen and artists should see that they require one another in most instances, for innovating the future. Practically, the idea that business is anti-arts, or that arts must be anti-business must indeed change for mankind to progress. 


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