Monday, September 29, 2014

Business Leaders’ Strategy Execution Mentality

The strengths of a highly effective leader include zest, optimism, intelligence, and humility.

Strategy-Execution continuum is perhaps the most significant business activity life cycle in modern business today. Crafting a fine strategy is an easy part, the real challenge is how to execute it and achieve the high-performance result.  So how can a leader foster the right set of values and qualities in order to form an execution mentality?
·         Vision: Eyes on the destination, in order to see the return on the hard work before the return comes.
·         Passion/Drive, in order to stick to the task when the task is hard.
·         Inspiration, in order to rally the troops to action and help them understand the importance. Instilling a healthy sense of urgency, building trust.
         Understanding: to truly begin a path of execution we must understand the core values a leader should develop in themselves and their teams.
Focus: ability to get attention when needed and ability to accomplish what some think is impossible!
      Intelligence: Being able to plan in a way that's highly acceptable to the team, willingness and ability to play roles at different levels.
      Flexibility: A leader should be able to create alternatives and choose the right one amongst those alternatives.
·       Delegating: Being great at follow-up. Knowing when to make changes, large or small, to the plan. Recognition for those who go 'the extra mile'.
·         Humility: Knowing the limits and drive to test the limits
·         Learning agility: Willingness to learn newer things, ability to see the risks in advance and identify the contingencies.
·         And a few more qualities can be - the ability to strike a balance, ability to identify the root cause of the issues on hand, encouraging organizational cultural changes and rock the boat when necessary, constantly question the status-quo...

The strengths of the highly effective leader include zest, optimism, intelligence, and humility. Good leaders have to be able to give people WHAT THEY NEED WHEN THEY NEED IT to move the follower's needle. As leaders, you can only do one of two things, either give direction or support. Great leaders can identify which is necessary and when, whether it be to individuals or groups, thus creating the motivating environment which people gladly follow and execute strategy relentlessly. 


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