Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Digital Mind Tuning: An Anthropological Mindset

Holistic wisdom is the hallmark of the holistic mindset.

The hard science such as math, engineering,  and soft science such as philosophy, anthropology, psychology continue to converge into an interdisciplinary domain or holistic science that digital leaders and professionals have to be masterful, for managing complexity, velocity, uncertainty, interdependence and ambiguity of today’s business dynamic. Regardless of your major and expertise, what can we learn from an anthropological Mindset?

Anthropology helps people understand and enliven the varied social contexts and cultural scenarios in a better way. Anthropology gives a perspective on every aspect of human life and elucidates the cultural traits, complexes, and motive of specific human behavioral aspect. An anthropological mind opens one’s eyes to a spectrum of things with so many different shades and colors of the same world; expand one’s vision of society, cultural diversity, and people.

 Seeing things from anthropological lenses can make one more open to new ideas: Different ways of doing the same things, and more tolerant of cultures and customs other than one’s own. Greater self-awareness, increasing creativity flow, more perspectives and the pleasure of knowing we are all wonderfully unique. But also discover that science is not always interest-free.

 Think through anthropological dimension means to wonder everything relating human beings: Oened one’s eyes to discovering the amazing and fascinating things that human beings do. It can give you a positive outlook on the world and the idea that human beings are really amazing creatures. The most important thing is one should have the curiosity to know and should have the behavior to understand and to learn how. Anthropology has radically enhanced the way to discover the life with curiosity and more patience. The world has become much more complex and smaller all at once. I am just as much an "other" as everyone else and, therefore, we are all in this together.

Thinking through anthropological dimension questions one’s assumptions (which tend to oversimplify) about other cultures and individuals, past and present. Human culture hasn't existed that long, and our recent modern culture is of short duration compared to all human culture. Anthropology can help discover our place in the world as regards our culture, world conception, style of life, mythology and the common points among societies.

The anthropological mind can help us be able to shift the thinking to a variety of perspectives when dealing with people who do not share the same values. It enables one to navigate a variety of cross-cultural situations and has greatly helped in improving culture intelligence and communication skills. 

Everything has layers, anthropological mind helps one look at things from a multiplicity; fundamentally allow us to glimpse how interesting to be a human; as an individual, or as a social entity; professionally, it broadens our vision to see the possibility with a variety of perspectives. That’s the value to equip such an anthropological mindset.