Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Refreshed Mind

Space and silence coexist in nature, and we are all a part of nature.

We live in a culture and global dynamic that is constantly changing all around us. And, we are always looking to change or fix people and problems, or more fundamentally rebooting the mindset. So, what on earth could create space and silence have to do with refreshing your mind and calming your heart?

Creating space and silence, even for a moment, allows one to observe rather than act. Not only is our culture constantly changing, but we are also bombarded with and have learned to constantly seek information on the minutiae of every facet of each change. The critical information which we so often miss, though, is in the gaps. When we pause to take a breath, we have an opportunity to consolidate, assimilate and understand, but we usually view it simply as down ( non-productive) time. Without either creating or being consciously aware of the space and silence of the gaps, you are only able to achieve and facilitate incremental change.

The gap is where Eureka exists. With the space to breathe in moving through a big change, one is transforming the whole of you somehow, so is in danger of taking your breath away, clearly you need a space to breathe again in the pathway for real change  it’s critical for people to have time to breathe a new air that enables new sight and helps people see a different and new way of doing something. Space and silence are keys to listening from the heart and refreshing the mind. It’s the place where transformation occurs. Experiences with mindful walking, creating silence-listening from the heart and feeling recharged and inspire in quiet spaces and peace of mind silent moments.

There is nature's calming quiet: The sound of the wind and birds sounding their own symphony, seeing the different gradients of green on the land and in the water and the different gradients of blue in the sky and the ocean. In this natural space, all that is present including self is different from each other. Yet, we all coexist in one space. The quiet space is in alignment with nature and nature is in alignment with the quiet space; we are in harmony with one another despite all of our differences. This naturally occurs, though no person can control what colors are in nature or the wonderful sights and sounds. Despite having no control over what naturally occurs, peace of mind and heart exist in space.

Space and silence coexist in nature and we are all a part of nature. Space and silence although at first glance might be dismissed as "nothing," they are all around us even if we can't see them. When under challenge, you need the peace and tranquility to seek assurances on decisions, and intentions; knowing confidently there has only one plan for us; a good plan. When you are at peace with your life, decisions, or plans then you always find peace, and space to consider the next steps. In either circumstance, you can build internal abilities to find peace, space, and rest knowing change is around us constantly.

The 'space' is not always associated with silence, stillness, and quiet. Some find the 'space' they need by maintaining diverse engagement of mind and body directly with the 'noise' of the world. Oddly, they find the silence of silence deafening. Their approach to finding space is similar to the noise canceling effect found on modern microphones. Creating one noise cancels out another leaving space needed. Creating space for ourselves to regroup and recharge ourselves is vitally important to our well-being; and that space can be a physical location or it can be an internal space we create through meditation, imagining, visualization, relaxation. Space in the right place enables a "big picture" exposure. But finding space for personal time only will come from dedication to understanding that the human needs time alone with self wherever he or she can find it.

There are no one-size-fits-all of creating space and silence in our lives, and more importantly to ask ourselves; what value do we place on creating quiet space and silence? Then put our answer to the question of -is valuing and creating space and quiet silence in my daily routine in alignment with my health and peace of mind? With the health and peace of mind, the creativity can be switched on; the mind gets focused, and the gaps of cognition leading to metacognition. Space and silence are priceless.


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