Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to Untap your Creativity?

Creativity is a higher level of intelligence.

We generally have a very narrow view of creativity conceding it to artists. If you look closely at your own experience, likely you will find your own special way of being creative. Whenever you are open to something new to come to the fore you are being creative. It is a state of openness where you set aside what you think you know. You step out of your logical thinking minds to create something new; or more often, you blend different types of thinking processes to see things differently. More specifically, where does creativity come from, and how to untap your creative potential?

Creativity happens in both unconscious and conscious level: On a bigger scale, there is the thought that we are creating our experience moment to moment, bringing our reality into existence as we go. We all are utilizing our power to create or we wouldn't exist. This is all on an unconscious level, perhaps we are working towards bringing it into our conscious awareness. Take command of your own life, find easy solutions to complex problems, and awaken to exploit the hidden resources that everyone has within himself, to be able to get the most out of ourselves and those around us: these objectives are common to many, and not necessarily need to be artists, just think in the right way and have a little confidence in ourselves.

Being creative is also to solve a problem in an intelligent manner: The ideas come and go and, above all, we must instead leave them free, do not be afraid to say what we think or make a fool, do not let that stop, be fooled if we must, because often we say something brilliant, and to do that serve only method and experience, and get out of the "fear" that blocks our own genius, learn how to liberate the imagination and come up with a new approach to the world. So, every person has the ability to be creative, just tearing down the mental barriers they have and tapping in their inherent abilities.

Creativity is not just serendipity: If in the past the creativity was considered as a rare phenomenon and mysterious, it is now thought that, although with different gradation, is the heritage of all individuals, even some present more creative traits than others. Therefore, it is important to create conditions so that the creative potential can manifest. There are times when we feel driven by forces that we don't understand. This visualization helps bring awareness to these unconscious motivations. Most scholars agree in defining creativity as the production of the new ideas that turn into new products, meaningful and valid both individually and socially. Someone believes that this is a way of using the mind, to treat the information in innovative ways through the use of lateral thinking.

The purity of life is the highest and truest art: If we can live authentically, in a way that is true to ourselves, this in itself is creative. A creative person is one that offers the others a different perspective to look at the world, and creativity is realized in the process of interaction with others and the world. As the ability to work and produce, creativity then requires a certain degree of independence and mental balance, the proper psychological level of inner security and genuine autonomy.

What matters now is creativity. Creativity isn't far off, it's usually right under your noses, you need to master the variety of thinking capabilities, and clarify thought process so that creativity can give their best, and a creative professional would be able to fully in accordance with their own aptitudes and aspirations.


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