Saturday, April 4, 2015

How to Developing the Capability of your Leadership Team?

The leaders should be ROUGH (Character) and RAW (Authenticity); Responsible and Relax (High EQ).

We live in the paradoxical world: on one side, there’s an abundance of data, information, even knowledge; on the other side, there’s lack of business insight to overcome the challenges caused by digital dynamic, there’s the paucity of wisdom to solve the complex problems facing either in businesses or society. There are also not enough great leaders who can envision the future trend, break down the outdated minds or rules; enable the positive changes and inclusiveness, and empower others to unleash the full potential. Something worth considering is: can we see the leader in each person; or do we allow our own bias/judgments to get in the way? Shouldn't we empower one another to learn and practice leadership skills, and how to develop the capability of your leadership team?

By helping them shape the digital mindsets - helping the team develop their capacity for learning and being. With this mindset (growth, creativity, critical thinking, etc.), they will then develop or hire the capabilities necessary for the challenges/ opportunities we face and in turn grow their teams' capacity for learning and being and thus capabilities. Leadership growth comes from identifying opportunities, tailoring development, and putting the appropriate level of effort into the process. Guidance and assistance along the way are critical, however, it is often missed or under-emphasized.

By helping them discover who they are -the authenticity. By identifying their human values and helping them to implement them and by developing their critical thinking skills. By developing the human capital in terms of capacity building and adapting to the dynamism of the turbulent socio-economic and political global trend. By investing in probing conversations that explore and develop. This takes time, which one must make the effort to find.
The Leader should be authentic
The Leader should be able to take RESPONSIBILITY
The Leader should be able to be ROUGH (Character)
The Leader should know, how to RELAX (High EQ)
If any of these abilities get lost - you can't create a real leader.

By identifying the gaps that we are facing or will be facing tomorrow to have great digital leaders or global leaders and how to fill them: It’s basically based on the situation and how an individual reacts to that particular situation and who takes the initiative to address the issue more effectively. It's a well-known fact that there is no perfect leader, but the progressive one is on their way to be more effective.

By investing in their professional training. Leadership is both nature and nurtured. Some can be trained, some can not. Ensuring that your emerging leaders are provided with ample professional development training, mentoring, job coaching, and job shadowing opportunities, provides a good start for them. Clearly, there are many other activities that you can offer up and coming leaders that will enhance their growth. Leadership is about values and beliefs, future, and dedication. A good Leader must invest in his/her emotional intelligence to be sensitive to opportunities that arise from time to time.

By evaluating their saying and doing: Start with their behavior, remind them of their responsibility for what they say or do, support them for better communication, coach awareness, and reflection competences. Basics are not to be forgotten. Exploring future leaders gradually in the front row is a simple and well-proven method that works in all sectors. If "part of the problem is there are too many leaders who don't measure up," a solution may be to re-engineer the leadership. Begin with re-designing a strategy, re-training leaders to be digital leaders. If your leaders lack these following qualities re-think your leadership.
-Do they know how to thinking mindfully
-Do they value diverse opinions
-Do they cultivate a culture of trust
-Do they truly teach and develop other leaders
-Are they encouraging
-Do they act with humility
-Do they think long-term

By striking a shared balance between operations and development is a great place to start:
Developing leaders is a crucial investment, requiring time and energy...often viewed as a luxury in today's fast-paced work environment. There does appear to be a gap. Leaders today need to prioritize by taking a hard look at what they value and assure it is instilled among their leaders and emitting throughout their company culture.

Lao-tzu wrote the Tao Te Ching (Dow de Jing) said to be the world's oldest leadership manual. In it he states, “knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.” Leaders are both nature and nurtured. And leadership is both art and science.


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