Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Digital Master Tuning #79 Hiring Mindset - Will it Be a Next or Best Practice for Talent Managers?

Talent managers today should have the "wise" eyes to peek through talent at Deep Mind level.

From industry survey, more than 90% of hiring managers say they prefer the candidate who has the 'superior mind set'." Unfortunately, only very few walk the talk. Although, they made the better choice, they could not really act on it; otherwise, they won't be stereotyping or be too strict on following the conventional recruiting technique. Many hiring managers aren't comfortable with evaluating “mind-set,” or just lack the skills to evaluate it properly, and instead they rely on the answers the candidate gives to the more concrete skills inquiries. So more specifically, what’re the mindsets, and how can talent managers evaluate them objectively and wisely?

Mindset vs. Capability vs. Skills: Mind-set is the ideology of the individual and what they live by; how they think, approach and solve the problems; the capability is the ability of the individual to do the job above and beyond what is expected of him or her. The skills are the proficiency in doing the work based on the training and experience. Good recruiters, HR professionals and talent managers should have the abilities to look beyond the pretty resume, with the "wise" eyes to peek through talent at Deep Mind level. Because more often than not, many of today's complex business problems or tough mankind challenges need to be fixed at MIND level as well. Sometimes a candidate does not fit the detailed requirements of a position on the surface, but they have the growth mind and those recombinant capabilities and soft skills, which indicates they will excel given the opportunity, with the potential to not only do the work well, but also become an “outliner” -being creative to make a difference. And more often, a great talent well blends the superior mindset, the transformative capabilities and solid skills to fit in the continuously change environment.

Digital footprints provides the important clue about “who the candidate are”: Many talent managers argue that the definition of "superior mindset" is probably not a single construct, and is simply too vague and ambiguous and not measurable in any meaningful (valid, reliable) sense. That is why it is not broadly adopted as the practices for selection, promotion, development, etc. Others argue, one can observe behavior, but cannot observe "superior mindset." So the company would probably need to demonstrate that their method of selection based on their evaluation of 'mind-set' was related to the job, valid and reliable. As the best and next practice, social media provides the window to capture an insight into the "mind-set" of candidates. Check out their linkedin profile; twitters; blogs; and chat-room discussions. This will give you an excellent look into who they are beyond the resume. If you are the talent visionary with the wise eyes of discovering talent potential, you will be confident to hunt for candidates with the right "mind-set." Leadership is both nature and nurtured, and creativity is also both nature and nurtured. You can teach people skills, but you can't teach them how to think. If a few static credentials provide snapshot for talent managers to understand candidates' past; then their digital footprint presents more vivid and the updated picture about their character, the mind power and the continuous delivery of what they are doing.

Consistency is key. Mind set cannot be observed during one or two meeting, but it can be visualized in the digital "canvas" Was the hiring manager able to establish that the superior mind set does indeed exist? and does this mind set include 'quick learning' or continuous growth. What’s in the candidates' mind, what’s their interest, what type of knowledge do they share, are they delivering the consistent messages? Yes, with today's latest technology, you only need to check one's blog, or other social participation in discussions or forums to confirm mindset - What’re their inspiration and aspiration, and how do they convey the message in the consistent way. More often than not, the digital footprint becomes more important or equal important as the “physical” footprint. People are still the most invaluable asset in any organization today, and leveraging digital talent management pipeline becomes strategic imperative for any forward-looking organization today.

The advances of mindset is the innovation engine of any human progress; it’s true that is also the digital extension of the classic talent debate: Shall you hire character or skill? But now, the latest digital technologies can make either character or mindset more tangible and visible, and even measurable, the talent professionals just have to change their own mindset first, initiate the best or next practice in order to manage talent in digital way, to put the right people in the right position at the right time.

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