Friday, February 3, 2017

The New Book “Decision Master” Thoughts and Quotes Collection III

Wisdom has to do with the soundness of judgment.

Decision Masters refer to the digital leaders or professionals who can leverage multidimensional thought processes, information and intuition, take a step-wise scenario for making effective decisions consistently. Decision Masters also refer to the businesses or organizations that follow a set of well-defined principles, leverage fine-tuned decision processes, efficient information management system, decision frameworks, tools, and metrics to enable people across the organization making effective decisions collaboratively.

“Decision Master” is the guidebook to perceive digital mindsets with multidimensional decision intelligence, define a set of decision-making principles, articulate potential pitfalls in decision-making scenario, describe digital decision-making styles, summarize the important elements in building the decision-making capability and taking stepwise steps to achieve decision maturity.
49 Decision making is the arena across the art and science; gut feeling and information, confidence and humility.
50 The blind spots are perhaps inevitable, the point is how today’s decision makers learn o deal with them seamlessly.
51 One of the most influencing aspects of people’s psychology is how they perceive the world around and how they relate to it.
52 The decision-making always contains a part of the risk. Deferring decision-making is an essential aspect of human factors.
53 The paradox of indecisiveness lies in uncertainty.
54 Group thinking is often caused by the homogeneous team setting or lack of an innovative culture.
55 The values are much like your core beliefs and your bias is like preference.
56 It takes wisdom, not just intelligence to make better decisions.
57 At individual level, the life is the consequence of a series of decision making; at business level, the decision maturity is proportional with the organizational maturity.
58 It takes both intuition and analytics to gain enough confidence in making effective decisions.
59 Decision power is knowledge-based, wisdom-driven, and character-oriented.
60 We all should broaden our points of interest and try new things to extend our thinking box.
61A decision is arguably a choice between two or more options.
62 Decision-making is a solid business capability to improve business responsiveness, agility, and competency.
63 Making a decision is a plan to change something in your current situation.
64 Mastering of decision-making sophistication is critical for improving decision maturity.

65 Decision-making capability can be developed, and decision masters can be cultivated, not for status quo, but for leading changes and driving digital transformation effortlessly.


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