Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Improving Emotional Intelligence as the “Love” Theme

The most destructive thing in the world is not hard, but soft; it's the negative emotion which leads to destructive actions.
People are not perfect, they have both positive emotions and negative emotions; life is not perfect, there are ups and downs, and all sorts of setbacks on the way. February seems to be the symbol of love, with Valentine's Day as the theme, but what are the opposite emotions of love? The most destructive thing in the world is not hard, but soft; it's the negative emotion which leads to destructive actions. So, how to manage emotions well, to improve emotional intelligence and professional maturity?

Self-awareness is the key to understanding the trigger to the emotions: When you become self-aware when you know the triggers to the emotions, it is very important to own up to your negative emotions. As humans, it’s understandable to experience negative emotions; there are brief moments of anger, brief moments of despair, or the brief moment of envy, all these images play out on the screen of life but do not let the negative emotions stay for longer than a moment or two, or turn to the negative behavior or destructive actions. Their aftermath should have a minimum adverse impact. Some people will become addicted to the anger itself. But emotional addiction is also not rooted in chemicals. You do have to feel the emotions and live with them through. When you become self-aware, when you know the triggers to the emotions, it is very important to own up to your faults and make emotions working for you. It matters that you take actions to notice what you are doing in response to what you are experiencing as you are the only person who can change a negative habit. So the mind with high EQ needs to manage emotions right, find something positive, you stay with it, and that if you get the negative vibe, you move away.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others: There are different skills for improving emotional intelligence: Emotional awareness is the ability to identify and understand your trigger of emotions and those of others; emotional stability is the ability to harness emotions and apply the skill to thinking and problem-solving; and emotion management is the skill to manage emotions, including the ability to regulate your own emotions, and the ability to cheer up or calm down others as well. To avoid the trap of emotional turbulence or individual perception, you have to think critically and profoundly and you have to really dig beneath the superficial layer, understand the trigger of emotions, and apply emotional intelligence for making sound judgments and effective decisions.

Effective emotional management can help improve professional maturity: Maturity is the ability to wait, think, and respond to a situation without responding with a knee-jerk reaction. It’s the ability to weigh in the impact of what you are planning to do and who will be impacted because of the intended action; understanding the cause and effect of your reaction. Maturity is the clarity of thoughts along with self-control which helps in choosing the most appropriate reaction (or inaction: deciding not to react) to any given situation. Maturity is also a phrase we are using today to describe a decent level of emotional intelligence at work. Maturity is simply having the ability to live comfortably with contradictory thoughts, and expressing things sometimes courageously by taking care of the feelings of the other persons too. To effectively manage emotions, you have to avoid thinking extremely, you have to practice multi-dimensional thinking processes such as critical thinking, creative thinking, systems thinking, analytic thinking, synthetic thinking, holistic thinking and more. Maturity also refers to having a sound understanding of basics and making a fair judgment as well.  

It’s normal for being a human with all the emotions vibrating. Each emotion helps you evolve. But as intelligent beings, it is important to manage them in an effective and progressive way. Learn to abide by nature and let the positive dominate the negative. Keep the positive emotions flow to brighten the world - that is the theme of Valentine’s Day.


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