Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Popular Quotes Collection X of “Digital Master” Book Series

“Digital Master” is the series of guidebooks (13+ books) with five pillars to perceive the multifaceted impact digital is making to the business and our society, help forward-thinking organizations navigate through the digital journey in a systematic way, and avoid “rogue digital.” Here is the set of popular quotes for conveying the digital vision and sharing the unique insight about the digital transformation.

“The essence of “Being Hybrid” is about balance - to keep things going steadfastly.”

“Digital IT has a “hybrid” nature. IT management philosophy is transforming from “built to last,” to “wired for change.”

“The pervasive digitalization or IT consumerism requires the balance of “old experience” and “new way to do things,” the “learning and doing.”

“Hybrid Thinking is a set of digital minds integrating the multiple thought processes to think bigger, think deeper, think broader, and think critical, etc.”

“A CIO as “Chief Intrapreneur Officer” has creative, logical, hybrid, and abstract thinking traits.”

“The exercise of blending people’s problem-solving abilities to produce the desired outcome is a worthwhile thing to do.”

“An innovation ecosystem is a systematic innovation methodological environment or a sort of innovation philosophy.”

“Being innovative is more important than any specific innovation. Innovativeness is a way of thinking.”

“Businesses need the well-defined set of guidelines and rules for managing innovation risks in a structural way.”

“Build a heterogeneous team to close three gaps in innovation management - idea gaps, collaboration gaps, and implementation gaps”

“The psychology of the change is that “People like to change, but do not want to be changed and there is the difference.”
“The future or organizations have amazing digital traits such as customer-centricity, empathy, and participation.”
“The purpose of people-centric Change Management is to build an ongoing change capability.”
“Asking big “WHY” question is to dig through the root cause of changes, how to manage it and achieve a more tangible result.”
“Changes at any level within an organization (individual, team or organization) or across business ecosystem require intent.”
“Change capability is one of the strategic capabilities which underpin successful execution and move the organization from efficiency to agility.”  
Pearl Zhu, Change Insight: Change as an Ongoing Capability to Fuel Digital Transformation


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