Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Popular Quotes Collection XI of “Digital Master” Book Series

“Digital Master” is the series of guidebooks (13+ books) with five pillars to perceive the multifaceted impact digital is making to the business and our society, help forward-thinking organizations navigate through the digital journey in a systematic way, and avoid “rogue digital.” Here is the set of popular quotes for conveying the digital vision and sharing the unique insight about the digital transformation.

Only functioning as a whole brain, IT can strike the right balance between stability and agility; creativity and standardization; innovation and risk intelligence.

IT needs to be super-glue to bridge business silos and enable holistic decision-making.

The business’s potential depends on how it unleashes its information potential and talent potential.

A digital IT organization with highly cognitive connectivity is like the nerve system of the business to collect, process and update information.

IT with both high “digital IQ and EQ” can proactively build all different management capabilities and play a different role to the situation at hand.

Innovation comes from the Latin, “Innovare” - It means to change or alter things that already exist.

Create and nurture an environment in your organization where curiosity is encouraged, and creative thinking is rewarded.

You can feel creative tension when you sense the freedom to be creative, the harmony not via compliance only, but through brainstorming.

Innovators find more viewing spots than the rest.

An innovator has an obligation to her vision, to be authentic and to think strategically.

“The organizational fit is the good balance of the fitting attitude and misfit thinking.”  
“The big “WHEN” about change is not just a particular moment, but a thought-out planning with clear defined timelines.”
“Change is just the vehicle to elevate you toward the ultimate destinations.”
“Wisdom in the workplace means to inspire creativity, learning, and progression, but discourage unprofessionalism and negativity.”
“Change Management = The human side of change.”
“For humans to move to higher ground, we must have different views, but share the common ground as well.”
Pearl Zhu, Change Insight: Change as an Ongoing Capability to Fuel Digital Transformation


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